upscale costume jewelry wholesale A man in Zhongshan knew that it was a scammer still transferred 400,000. Is it a high means of scammers, or was his awareness of anti -fraud?

upscale costume jewelry wholesale

4 thoughts on “upscale costume jewelry wholesale A man in Zhongshan knew that it was a scammer still transferred 400,000. Is it a high means of scammers, or was his awareness of anti -fraud?”

  1. accessory jewelry wholesale Of course, his awareness of anti -fraud is poor. There is no beautiful thing in the world in the world.

  2. wholesale fashion square jewelry reviews This is the man's awareness of anti -fraudulent awareness, and he always feels that he will succeed, but he did not expect to be deceived directly.

  3. wholesale italian jewelry manufacturer The man has seen that the other person is a liar. Because his wife does not listen to persuasion, he can only transfer money to the liar account according to his wife's request. The man then planned to transfer more than one million yuan, claiming that he would teach his wife.

  4. punjabi jewelry wholesale Recently, a Zhongshan man knew that the other party was still a scammer. The news that still transferred 40W has aroused the attention of many netizens. The behavior of this man made many netizens cry and laugh. In fact, it is not a scammer. He did this just to remind his wife, because his wife was addicted to the virtual currency investment on the Internet. In the case of scammers, Ren Ren turned money to the other party, in order to teach his wife.
    News beware of SMS fraud.
    SMS fraud is the most common method of fraud. When you click on the URL link in the SMS, you can black into your mobile phone. The malicious program steals SMS and contact information from the mobile phone and sends it to the designated mailbox. In this way, the founder of the malicious program obtained the contact information of the victim, and then continued to pretend to send a fraud message with a Trojan -horsemic link to everyone in the address book.
    On how to prevent telecommunications fraud?
    The official anti -fraud apps in time to raise awareness of prevention. Answer 96110 telephones on time to trust and cooperate with public security organs. Once cheated, please report the case in time to prevent being deceived again. Pay attention to the collection and retention of relevant evidence, and report to the public security organs to report the situation. For unknown calls or emergencies, communicate with your family in time and seek help. Pay attention to the protection of personal information, especially the ID number and password of the bank card. Stop greedy, overcome fear, reduce yourself and be more careful.
    In this society, it is difficult to build trust between people, but it is easy to trust others. The bad guys always play a good person, and the scammers are usually hidden. We must have a critical mind and doubt about things, and think about why, especially when the cake falls from the sky, we must think about why it smashed on us. In any case, ask yourself a few reasons, why do you give me such a high salary and why there are beautiful women looking for me. If you ask yourself a few more why you will not be deceived. In short, you still have to learn to think.

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