128G flash memory ARI installation virtual machine is good or dual system is good

2 thoughts on “128G flash memory ARI installation virtual machine is good or dual system is good”

  1. This mainly depends on your personal habits and hardware requirements to clear the hardware performance of your computer, memory, CPU, hard disk, the most important memory of your machine is 2G? 4G? 8G? 16G? Secondly, how much do you use the software you use? Personal suggestions: 8G of memory, 16G installation virtual machine, 4G of memory. If you often need to switch between dual systems or software occupy a small memory, it is recommended to install the dual system.

  2. MacBook's installation dual system is relatively stable, installation steps (take Win7 as an example): 1. Click Launcher at the bottom. 2. Click other to open Boot Camp Assistant. 3. Check the first two hooks. 4. Browse to the Windows7 system mirror and insert the U disk (greater than 4G). 5. After the U disk is completed, open the Boot Camp Assistant again and check the third. 6. Divide the area, at least 20g of space. If you plan to use it for a long time, at least 60G space is required. 7. The system will automatically guide the U disk and click the drive option when selecting partitions. 8. Select Bootcamp partition and click Format. 9. Click the installation, wait for the file to copy, you can use the Windows7 system.

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