Is the Bitcoin trading platform "GME Finance" platform formal?

Is the Bitcoin trading platform "GME Finance" platform formal?

5 thoughts on “Is the Bitcoin trading platform "GME Finance" platform formal?”

  1. The scammer platform, I charged 20 hands, followed by shouting a few times, and I put forward the principal "The estimated scammer platform wants to increase my deeper trust and let me propose the principal." No matter how the profit was withdrawn, the so -called assistant notice of the group teacher in the group made me pay for me. Afterwards, I told me that the teacher was not a god, and there was a mistake. However, I calmed down at that time, and I thought they were scammers. 1. The assistant was just chatting with me in private, let me enter the field 2, and the deposit of my profitable part was 3-4 days. I ca n’t get the account. 3 I searched on the Internet to search for similar routines. Don't be deceived as you see, the queen mother is afraid.

  2. It may be that the bitcoin market is good. Suddenly, I do n’t know what trading platforms. To steal the chickens, you finish the egg. Safety first, sometimes not only the principal is gone, but also owes money. Especially in the early period of 100 % earnings, the 100 % earning stocks in the world, unless your illegal platform is displayed 20 minutes ago, and the person you buy knows the real -time trend chart, you can do what you buy, of course, get you After trust, you will finish it suddenly. Because others know the 20 -minute trend you don't know. So he is very accurate, and then you can pit you.

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