How do you evaluate Zheng Jun VR online performance? What are the highlights?

4 thoughts on “How do you evaluate Zheng Jun VR online performance? What are the highlights?”

  1. On the evening of May 17th, Pico Zheng Jun's "Weare" VR private singing meeting ended successfully. That night, the customized dance and beauty of the song made people feel the shock of the eyeball. The experience of listening to the song on the opposite side of the stage. Zheng Jun blew up the audience with 10 rock songs, bringing an extreme VR online rock storm. A series of VR -end interactive gameplay leapfrogging and boundaries made users the participants of this singing meeting.
    The singing chat also ushered in a new climax at the end. Users and Zheng Jun chorus "Popeless" through the VR cloud. With music, Zheng Jun also beating on the stage. The atmosphere at the scene was very hot and hot Essence Singing and chatting on the night will cause the public to watch and discuss it. # Zheng Jun's concert changed 8 sets of skin # TOP1 has a good results. Standing on the stage to watch the concert, it is also on the high position of TOP6.
    VR technology helps the fusion of virtual and reality, and eight sets of custom dance -beautiful immersion experience interaction. PICO Zheng Jun's "We Are" VR private singing chat, with the help of VR technology, completed the seamless stitching of the construction and interactive field, and the virtual and reality perfectly blended, allowing users to realize an immersion concert appreciation experience in a space. Essence Users can watch the perspective of full freedom by twisting the handle, adjust the position to control the viewing perspective, freely adjust the distance between Zheng Jun and the stage, and experience the multi -angle viewing position switching and interactive perspective. More innovatively increased the perspective of "visiting the stage". Users clicks the "visiting stage" button to come to the stage to realize the experience of listening to the song "standing on the opposite side".
    At the same time, all the user's perspectives are also wrapped in the stage design, which truly created a 360 ° immersive visual feast, and the on -site immersion experience is full. In addition, each stage of the dance and beauty effect is shocking. The whole singing will be 80 minutes. There are eight sets of customized "dance special effects skin", and each "skin special effect" is closely related to performance tracks. The opening show "Meteor" users appeared "Meteor Shower" after sending the meteor expression on the barrage. In the chorus part of the song, the user also released the "Kong Ming Lantern" through the handle.

  2. I think this concert in the world is very unique, and the scene does not look worse than the scene; there are many memories that refresh the perception of VR devices. awesome.

  3. I think it's very good, give people a different feeling, and have a feeling of immersive; singing is very novel, bring a different experience to the audience, and it has a particularly charm. sense.

  4. I think the effect of the concert in this line is not particularly good, and the atmosphere of the scene is not particularly strong, and it does not get a high volume and ratings. The highlights are, which songs do you sing? What kind of clothing props? How many guests are watching? How many fans are watching. How much is the amount of fans?

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