Can foreign currency cards be available on ATM in China?

1 thought on “Can foreign currency cards be available on ATM in China?”

  1. Foreign coins cannot be deposited on the domestic ATM machine. ATM machines are settled in RMB and can go to the counter to access foreign currencies.
    ME major domestic banks can store foreign currency. The current bank cards generally have dual currency functions, and foreign currencies can be stored after opening. For example, the ordinary debit card of Bank of China is a dual currency card, which can be deposited in RMB and US dollars.
    atm machine deposit money method:
    1. The purpose of deposit on the deposit on the withdrawal of the withdrawal machine is clear.
    2. If you give your account deposit, find the corresponding bank according to the bank card, otherwise the cross -bank will pay the handling fee or the situation that cannot be handled. Insert the card into the access to the withdrawal machine, enter the password to confirm, find a click of the deposit, put the money in the deposit port, and the deposit is complete.
    3. If there is no bank card, click on the withdrawal machine without the cardless option.

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