Is quantification transaction safe? Is it a scam?

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  1. First of all, it is definitely not a scam. This is not the case, what is quantitative transaction? Let's learn the system.

    Teonized transactions are quantitative transactions to build a model mainly using mathematical formulas. After a large amount of data to determine the future price trend, and the program is selected by programs to select stocks. Its stock selection is very extensive, with a coverage of hundreds or even thousands of stocks, and it can exclude factors such as forced rising and falling. It is very disciplined. It has two layers of meanings: one is in the narrow sense, it is the content of the semi -segments transaction, transform the trading conditions into a program, and automatically place an order. Essence That is, in accordance with a series of transaction conditions, the intelligent auxiliary decision -making system is combined with rich practical experience with trading conditions to manage risk control in the transaction process.

    The quantitative transaction should include at least five elements:

    (1) The signal system for buying and selling.

    (2) The direction of the bull market is still the direction of the bear market.

    (3) position management and fund management.

    (4) Risk control, use signal source to determine the stop loss position, and use the asset curve and equity curve to determine and manage.

    (5) Investment portfolio, different investment varieties, different trading systems (different functions and parameters, fast and slow), and different time cycle combinations. Fluctuations are more stable.

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