What are the four kings of the coin?

2 thoughts on “What are the four kings of the coin?”

  1. The so -called "Four Heavenly Kings", "Five Heavenly Kings", "Eight King Kong" and so on are completely a kind of speculation. The claims of all places and even everyone are different. The collection world does not recognize these claims.
    icated as long as you remember: If any collection is not naturally scarce, it must be at least 80 years old to enter the collection threshold. Modern currency itself is a niche collection, and modern coins are not rare. The value of the so -called "four heavenly kings" exists only in hype.

  2. There are five major kings in circulation coins in China, mainly aluminum coins. In 1979, 80, 81, 5 cents coins, two -year coins and 81 -year coins.

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