Why is boring ape so expensive

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  1. Because its design is good, and every monkey is different, there are stars and celebrities pay.
    NFT is called Non-, which refers to the non-homogeneous tokens, which is the only cryptocurrency token for digital assets, which can be traded. In simple terms, NFT is a data unit based on blockchain digital ledger, as an electronic certification of the ownership of virtual commodities.
    BOC Ape is a monkey avatar with various expressions. This boring ape is really on the currency circle, and many people outside the circle have come to understand this thing. Different, each is unique and sold once. This is the characteristic of NFT. The selling one is the original version, genuine.
    The boring ape is now about 2 million RMB. The cheapest in March is 114 ETH, one ETH is about 20,000 RMB. Why the boring ape is so expensive, the most important thing is because of the stars and celebrities, such as Curry of NBA, Madonna, etc., because the stars were paid at a high price at the beginning, and then the monkey avatar became hot. And buying unique, very beautiful.
    It is unrealistic for ordinary people to buy boring apes, and there are very big risks. Because the threshold is relatively high, I suggest that you should buy APE coins of the boring ape team directly.
    This coins are issued by the boring ape team. For the development of the company, this APE coin has now connected to many businesses that can be used, and there is still a lot of space in the future. If you buy it, collect it well, and you may earn it in the future.

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