How to judge the trend through the K -line diagram

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  1. Looking at the stock K -line is a method used to use stocks. There are many changes in the stock market. If you want to find some "rules", we can use the K line to analyze clearly and better invest in and obtain benefits.
    Analysis of K -line is a commonly used stock trading method. Let's analyze it in detail. Teach friends how to analyze it clearly and accurately.
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    . What does the k -line of the stock mean?
    k line chart can also be called candle map, Japanese line or yin and yang line. This is the K -line we often say. Its original use is to calculate the daily direction of the rice price. The securities markets such as options have begun to use it.
    K lines have shadow lines and entities, which are cylindrical lines. The part of the shadow line on the top of the entity is called the shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line.
    PS: The shadow line represents the highest and lowest price of the transaction on the day. The entity represents the opening price and closing price of the day.
    The yang lines are many ways. The most commonly used are red, white columns, and black frames. The common yin line representation method is to use green, black or blue enthusiasts.

    Except for this, when people see the "cross line", they can be understood as a line formed by the physical part.
    is actually very simple, which means that the closing price of the day = the opening price.
    The research on the K -line, we can keenly find the buying point (the K -line is also value -based, although it is said that the stock market cannot predict), it is the best manipulation for novices.
    The on the one hand, everyone should pay attention to it. There are some complicated K -line analysis. If you just started, you do n’t know the K -line. It is recommended to use some auxiliary tools to help you judge a one Whether stocks are worth buying.
    For example, the following diagnosis link link, enter your favorite stock code, you can automatically help you valuation, analyze the market situation, etc. When I first started the stock trading, it was very convenient: it was very convenient: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    It the next few simple tips are about how to analyze the K line. Let me tell you to help you get started at this stage.
    . How to use the stock K line for technical analysis?
    1, the physical line is the yin line
    what is the turnover of the stock transaction? At this time, we must pay attention to it. Once the transaction volume is not large, it means that the stock price may decline in the short term; In the case, the price may fall for a long time.
    2, the physical line is the yang line
    The physical line is the yang line, which shows that the stock price rises is more motivated. It can be specific for a long time. If you want to judge, you must combine other indicators.
    For example, the form of broad markets, industry prospects, valuations, etc., but due to length problems, you cannot expand a detailed talk. You can click on the link below to understand: R N response time: 2021-09-07, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. K -line is the basis of technical analysis. Only by learning the K line can technical analysis be done in place. Each K -line is the result of a long and short force battle. The daily transaction is over. Its highest price, minimum price, opening price, and closing price truly reflect the trading status of the stock day. However, the market meaning or trend reflected in the same K -line in different positions and different backgrounds may be different, and it is necessary to dialectical and specific analysis. Therefore, we should carefully observe the changes in the power of both and short parties in the K -line diagram, and judge the trend of the market.

    So how to study stocks based on K -line? It can be analyzed according to the following points:
    1. View the historical trend of the K line. The recent trend is rising or falling, adjustment or shock, whether the volatility is expanded or the interval.
    2, analyze the height and relative height of the K line,
    3, analyze the K -line support and pressure, find the units of the set, and observe the dealer's trading method.

    The analysis of the above points, then you can basically judge how the stock is going, it is time to rise or fall, or the sideways.
    but the above points are not enough, because the trend of the stock price is the effect of many and many factors. The K -line analysis knowledge must be better than other analysis. Analysis, the price trend, the influence of the news, how the fundamentals, how the shareholders change, how the institution changes, etc., and then combine individual stocks, large markets, and international financial trends, then I believe you can do it in your heart.

    This can slowly understand. The most important thing for stock trading is to master certain experience and skills so that you can make the correct judgment. Novice will not prevent using a bull stock treasure without being accurate. The mobile phone stock trading follows the cattle inside to operate, so it is much more secure. I hope it can help you and wish you a happy investment!

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