How to return minors to recharge money

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  1. The money recharged in the game generally cannot be refunded, but the recharge of minors can apply for a refund.
    It can go to the official website to ask or call the customer service hotline for the game company to consult customer service. Provide information to prove that the money is restricted by the person's ability to charge.
    The feedback from the recharge platform or the game company at the first time, you can download the page through the software of the application store, or find the communication method, and express the facts and needs with the game company. Protecting property losses, if this link cannot reach consensus, can safeguard legitimate rights and interests through legal means.
    Is to recharge the game without the parents' knowledge of the minor, and the rechargeable money can be refunded according to law.
    If in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China": "Minors over the age of eight years old are subject to civil legal acts in order to restrict civil behavior. It can independently implement purely beneficial civil legal acts or civil legal acts that are compatible with their ages and intelligence. "
    This of the Supreme People's Court" Propaganda on the proper trial of crown pneumonia in accordance with the law (2) Guidance (2) "Article 9:" Limit civil acting capabilities without the consent of their guardians, participate in online payment games or live broadcast platforms such as "reward" and other methods that are not adapted to their age and intelligence. For the money, the people's court should support it. "
    In similar cases, if the minors do make large amounts of recharge without the parents' knowledge, the behavior is not suitable for the age and intelligence of the minor. It belongs to the legal act of pure interests. Parents refused to accept the legal agent as the child, so the game recharge contract is an invalid contract, and the recharge money can be refunded.

  2. Hello, you can try to recover according to the following content:
    The recharge game under the age of 8 years of age is invalid civil legal behavior and can be refunded.
    8 Under 18 years of age under the age of 18, the amount of recharge cannot be refunded if the recharge amount is adapted to their age and intelligence.
    If it is a retreat, you can contact the customer service request of the game company and the live broadcast platform first. If you cannot solve it, you can use the other party to ask the defendant to ask the court to confirm the recharge game, to play an anchor's behavior that is invalid or effective to be determined. Responsibility for proof.
    But if it is a minor child recharges with parents' mobile phones, it is generally impossible to recover, because children use mobile phone passwords and transfer passwords when using mobile phones. In this case, they are regarded as the default authorization of parents.
    In fact, parents can also use minors to manage software in advance to manage the healthy Internet habits of Qingsong to cultivate children's healthy Internet habits, so that they can prevent children from playing games without consent.
    mant I hope my answer can help you.

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