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  1. VAST, English words, adjectives, nouns, as an adjective "vast; huge; a lot of; huge amount", the noun is "vast; broad and vast space, name; (French) Vaster".

  2. What brand is Vasto? What grade belongs to several lines?

    is very graded and things are very good! The size is also fitted! The boss is very good! Logistics is also fast! 32 praise ???? The clothes were received, the quality was very good, the fabric felt good, the colorless difference, the dress was very suitable, and the same thing as the seller described. , VASTO/Wascus Autumn and Winter Men's Men with Hat Togo 172316184

    "Costco from opening to being squeezed" is undoubtedly the most concerned news in the domestic retail industry in recent times, and even let Costco stock price refresh the listing listing. The new high has risen 5%to $ 292.38, with a total market value of 128.644 billion US dollars. Chinese aunts once again shocked the world.

    In in the retail industry, the member system led by Costco is hot, and a model is followed by the social e -commerce model, and even in the domestic social e -commerce model. Even more popular, we can see that since last year, many traditional retail bosses have also invested in the social e -commerce field, such as the American and American shops, Suning push customers, and so on.

    S social e -commerce has become a dark horse in the current retail industry, and it is also the most mainstream consumer model of the consumer market.

    2019 Social e -commerce is still popular. It is estimated that by 2020, the size of the social e -commerce market will continue to increase to tens of trillions.

    The huge market volume attracted the entry of "fairy demon". In addition to the gome and Suning mentioned above, the traditional retail bosses Ali and JD.com will definitely not miss it. Of course, the channels, traffic and a "e -commerce dream" will not fall.

    The essence of social e -commerce is based on social media or network media that supports social interaction. Through customer participation in the e -commerce model that promotes online purchase and selling products and services, it can become e -commerce sales in extreme developments this year. The mainstream mode is not surprising.

    . Compared with traditional e -commerce, social e -commerce has unique advantages such as experiential purchases, users' active sharing, and rich sales scenarios.

    In data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the compound growth rate of my country's social e -commerce market in the past five years is 60%. The scale of China's social e -commerce market will exceed 2 trillion yuan, reaching 2060.58 billion yuan, an increase of 63.2%year -on -year.

    , but behind the social e -commerce company "flowers", whether it is "flower" or "transformation", and further verification is needed.

    Faced with a variety of platforms that have already been tens of hundreds, due to the brutal growth and unclear levels, the good and bad are also varying. It has also been frequently suspected of MLM disputes and doubts, and even the administrative penalties of tens of millions of yuan in industrial and commercial. For example, the "Beidian" as one of the heads of social e -commerce has fallen into a MLM controversy because of the "head fee". Since the media "Crooked Taoism", I wrote that Beidian as a social e -commerce platform for maternal and infantile vertical categories. When someone wants to join as the owner, it needs to pay 398 "entry fees". A lot of questions.

    The can be seen through Baidu search. In the two years since the establishment of the promotion, it has been repeatedly reported that the model has been complained to the model of pyramid scams. Regarding the entry of "Beidian MLM", the relevant search results are over million.

    The explanation given by the shop is "the market does not understand the model of social e -commerce", but it is obviously unremitting.

    , there are many platforms that have similar situations. With the banner of "social e -commerce", in fact, it is still traditional e -commerce.

    The so -called fish dragon mixed, but so. Of course, there must be a group of real "social e -commerce" platforms in the industry, such as the introduction of major mainstream e -commerce platforms such as NetEase pushing hands, Jingdong "enjoy oranges", etc. The "social e -commerce" platform built in 2018 shakes the baby, and will come to the forefront afterwards.

    The achievements of the baby in the field of social e -commerce may make a large number of "seniors" ashamed. Not long ago, it announced that the C round had completed a $ 100 million financing, which was the fifth financing in more than a year, with a total amount exceeded 2 billion yuan.

    The investors include a large number of well -known capitals such as Tencent, IDG Capital, and Qiming Venture Capital. Interestingly, Yunjiu Capital has chased 3 times before its investment.

    The 50 million users accumulated in less than a year, and the single -day sales exceeded 10 million. This is what many old platforms have not been able to do it. Only with strong self -strength can it be favored by capital.

    In short, as the final product of "traffic dividend", "social e -commerce" is upright, and it is even likely that the gameplay gameplay is very likely to subvert the market traffic model.

    The social e -commerce is behind the multi -mode "survival war"

    S social e -commerce gameplay is not unchanged. For example "Introduction fee", and the social e -commerce platform "Tao Xiaopu", like Ali, is not. This is a simple difference. More differences are reflected in the model.

    "social e -commerce" is based on "people rely on social relationships to extend the fission, and the goods are based on crowd communication. N, on the basis of this, each has its own differences.

    Puoduo can be said to be the veteran of "social e -commerce". He rely on the "group model". Since the listing of Pinduoduo, it has been actively transforming and seeking branding to improve user stickiness. By selling a series of measures to sell the "Brand Pavilion", the APP uninstallation rate has been greatly reduced, and the retention rate of new installation has also reached a new high.

    The advantage of the group mode is that it is very attractive to price -sensitive consumers, and users will take the initiative to share to seek lower prices, so that Pinduoduo can get traffic at the lowest cost.

    The "content mode" like Xiaohongshu. Relying on users to generate content, that is, UGC, sedimentation to deep levels, and then relying on fans to drive traffic through celebrities, stars and other methods.

    This mode advantage is that UGC content will continue to trigger users to use it and maintain user stickiness; and through the driving effect of celebrities and stars, scenes can be realized.

    of course, it has been regarded as the most authentic social e -commerce "KOL model". For example, the "KOL model" of gathers and shell shops is similar to that of "content mode". But it is different. The "KOL model" focuses more on the in -depth operation of users and bundles the platform's interests with KOL to enhance user stickiness.

    The advantage is that it can provide light assets and fragmented distribution models to increase the enthusiasm of the owner, and the target users of vertical platforms are significant. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, they can harvest good user loyalty. Essence

    Finally, the most popular at this stage is added, which is "native applet koc mode".

    The original applets with their own social attributes. Through social networks, a fission -type explosion can be achieved, and the seamless connection between e -commerce can be completed.

    and "KOC" is recently considered to replace the existing "KOL". "KOC" English is called "Key Opinion Consumer", which is the key opinion consumers, corresponding to KOL (key opinion lead, key opinion leader).

    The biggest advantage is that KOC itself is consumers, closer to potential consumers, and the "fission" type is "KOC".

    In various modes, the most advantageous currently is undoubtedly "native applet KOC mode". It can be said that the "native applet KOC mode" gathers all the advantages of other modes above.

    The reason why it stands out from many platforms is relying on this model. Whale Ling's baby can control this model, with a decisive "background", that is, "WeChat". Back on WeChat can be the largest ecological resources in the hands of the traffic, through WeChat drainage, directly complete the user to complete the user directly to complete the user The transaction has made it on the shore in this destined fierce battle.

    100 billion market value will become "social e -commerce" watershed

    In the increasingly fierce "social e -commerce" battlefield, industry fission will be The exacerbation will gradually form a "echelonization" led by the market. At that time, only the market value of 10 million market value will be qualified to have a decisive battle market. How to achieve this goal will be difficult to live in most brands.

    1. The scale and flow will become the first factor

    . Although the current traffic dividend is basically exhausted, the traffic is still an important factor that determines the direction of social e -commerce. How to obtain how to obtain it Traffic becomes a critical step.

    It, since the upsurge of online shopping, Taobao and JD.com have gradually become a mountain, but as the mobile Internet continues to mature, the consumption scenario has gradually diversified, and the mainstream e -commerce battlefield has gradually been gradually from the tradition of the shelf model. E -commerce steering social e -commerce based on user experience and social e -commerce.

    The traffic group determines the later residence of "social e -commerce". However, the user experience and social fission are not enough. Just as the Internet industry is currently, the ability structure of ecologicalization will also become the key.

    In the field of social e -commerce, players supported by large platforms have started ecological construction step by step. For example, Ali "Tao Xiaopu" is not only a builder of Taobao ecology, and it is also part of the improvement of the ecological ecology.

    and shaking the baby to start the "big strategy", involving the supply chain, local industrial support, mini -program live broadcast, shopkeeper home, business school upgrade, large -scale branch service system and other aspects to create one Ecology with a fissionable flow of flow.

    . This full ecological coverage model will inevitably become the mainstream model of "social e -commerce" in the future.

    2, circular precision marketing will determine success or failure

    's core thinking of social e -commerce is based on mobile social and sharing fission, so circles CLP precision marketing is the most critical point for social e -commerce.

    The data shows that the repurchase rate of social e -commerce buyers is higher than 30%of traditional e -commerce, and the transaction conversion rate is higher than that of traditional e -commerce 50%. But looking at the existing platforms, such as NetEase Koala, Ji Ji, etc., can actually be regarded as the real "social e -commerce", because they are still "e -commerce", and "social" is not their key.

    What is the best channel for social socialization? At present, it is undoubtedly that it can only be WeChat. The user stickiness of WeChat software is definitely the strongest at present. Through WeChat's diversion, the platform's strong relationship has leveraged the weak relationship. The platform needs to find the "circle" by themselves. The transmission of users is originally spread according to the circle, which is more accurate than any marketing method.

    3, KOC fission mode Birth of the king

    koc mode is popular enough to explain the market's recognition of KOC. Especially in the era of traffic exhaustion, private domain flow will become the largest increase in the traffic market.

    The social e -commerce is essentially a network, with KOC as a node, social relations as a chain, and a community -driven community driven by commission returns.

    . The fission ability brought by "KOC" will become an inevitable core of "social e -commerce". It is no exaggeration to say that for the platform in this field, it is equivalent to the final victory.

    It is like shaking the baby, relying on the shopkeeper as the core hub to influence its surrounding users, and the ecological fission began has achieved great results.

    Integrate, in the existing "social e -commerce" field, there are advanced business models and accurate market positioning to achieve breaking the situation. At this stage, capital and markets are no longer simply " The concept "pays, and the performance behind it needs to be seen at least the goal, so the" social e -commerce "will appear that the" class "market value will become a watershed.

    The summary

    "social e -commerce" rely on "social" as the core to drive the growth of fission, especially in traditional traffic playing. At the present stage of the bottom. With the continuous development of the industry in the future, it is very likely that more innovative models that combine social and e -commerce will emerge.

    , but it is not a social e -commerce model to make a thousand profits. How to precipitate these traffic and stimulate its purchasing power in the future.

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