The currency that has been mentioned from the exchange, the exchange said that the transaction should be rolled back, and the coin is required. Is it reasonable and legal?

1 thought on “The currency that has been mentioned from the exchange, the exchange said that the transaction should be rolled back, and the coin is required. Is it reasonable and legal?”

  1. Any transaction in the field of digital currency is operated privately. The privatization, centralization, and interference of the digital currency exchanges are more serious. Does not involve whether it is legal.

    It, since the currency has been withdrawn from the exchange, then this digital currency has been owned by you, no matter what excuses for the exchanges, It can be rejected by itself. Even if it is caused by the mistake of the other party, you must know that the field of digital currency is not supervised or not. It is true that it is a duty to refund the coin.

    . One thing is still clear. If it is the loss caused by the wrong mistakes of the exchange, or if you personally have no fault in the process of trading and operation, there is no need to listen to the arrangement of the exchange. What’s more, it is unknown whether the person who refund the coin is the exchange.

    The personal suggestion is to ignore it, but the coins proposed should not be rushed to monetize. I need to deal with the book of the book, and I don’t suffer.

    In the digital currency you are talking about, such as Simpling and other things, not only illegal, but also what the state ordered to prohibit. There is no way, I can only consider myself unlucky.
    For digital currencies such as digital currency, neither investment products nor legal trading venues, the country does not recognize, and there is no relevant laws and regulations to protect it. Law.
    It you are reasonable to talk to the businessman. You can only say that you are too naive. As long as it is a business society, there is no so -called reason. As long as you can make money, you can use everything. For example, Apple collects 30%commission (commonly known as Apple tax) for all payments? As long as you give money, Baidu can rank your false medical advertisements first. Is this reasonable? 80%of the insurance companies are misleading. Is this reasonable? Most of P2P is no different from scammers. Is this reasonable?
    is obvious, it must be unreasonable! But what can you do? Play lawsuits, defending rights, try the cost of defending rights!
    I think that as long as it is a digital currency, it is basically a scam. You can hardly find any reason to invest in them.
    The principal cannot be guaranteed; second, the state does not recognize; third, the rights and interests of investors depends on the self -discipline of the industry and talk about self -discipline with human nature.
    So the moment you invest in digital currencies, make a good job of losing the principal. Don’t mention the concepts such as those who cannot be tampered with, decentralization, etc. Reflection! After all, a 42 -year -old man is old and small. Why do you have to end your life in person. If you think about it, after all, it is a story that happens to others, and it is an accident on yourself.
    above is the personal point of view, I hope it will be helpful to you.
    For everyone to find the convenience and time to save each other, in the future, no matter who invites, the same question will only be answered once! Hope everyone can understand!
    mad before inviting me to answer the question, first see if there are similar questions in my answer. If you do n’t invite again, thank you for your support!
    What did you sign with them? Or make investment in the exchange?
    If none.
    mant to go to legal procedures, otherwise frozen your account. If you really want to freeze your account, you can go to the legal process
    The grabbing them first.
    This inexplicable operations are generally difficult to appear.
    Right, which exchange do you trade digital currencies?
    The small exchange advises you to get the gold quickly. If the account is frozen and hurry up, it is basically difficult to recover the funds.
    The mainstream exchanges (fire currency, OK, etc.)
    M mainstream currency (you can refer to the top ten currencies of non -small market value)
    to touch the contract, the contract for low doubling leverage should be sufficient R n know how to stop profit in time and stop loss
    This is not urgent, selling is not greedy, stop loss does not drag;

    Stime down and small buying, buying heavy buying, plunge burst,
    small sales, big sales, skyrocketing sales!
    In opportunities to fall out, risks are rising!
    As long as you don’t chase high, the leeks become sickle!
    The above is my answer. I hope it will help you
    It is purely deceiving, so hurry up.
    In the estimated that you are a small place, you have more coins, they cannot pay with others, which is equivalent to bank extrusion. Everyone in the bank will withdraw it.
    does not need to control
    according to the question, unreasonable and unreasonable! Now that you have already made the currency successfully, what you still do, it is their own business to return to roll back. Besides, it is a big problem to roll back.
    In briefly, let them sue you through legal channels, you will not lose, unless you have problems with your own transaction
    This exchanges are illegal. The transaction inside is also illegal. All losses cannot be protected by law. Brain the brain.
    did not indicate that the punch coin was not proposed, and the virtual currency small rogue was played. Big is better, although there are a lot of pit! At least the currency is free.

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