NIO POWER Evolution history: From jungle to assistance, and team battles are waiting for it

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  1. When AIONLX, with a range of more than 650km and more than 700km Xiaopeng P7, appears in front of people, mileage anxiety should no longer be a major problem for users to buy electric vehicles.
    However, the reality is not optimistic, and anxiety still exists.
    The battery life of the car has been increased. The problem followed is that the price of the car has also increased, and the charging time has become longer.
    AIONLX with a battery life of 650km as an example. Its price is as high as 279,600 yuan, which is doubled more expensive than the AIONS entry version of 410km. The charging time for home slow charging is 18.7 hours, which is 10 hours more than AIONS’s 8 hours.
    The pre-selling price of Xiaopeng P7 is between 270,000 and 370,000 yuan. At the lowest of the lowest 270,000 yuan, the P7 is more than 110,000 yuan than the Xiaopeng G3 with a battery life of 520km, which is almost 400km battery life. Twice the price of Xiaopeng G3.
    Obviously, simply improving the vehicle’s battery life cannot solve all problems. No matter how long the battery life is needed, in addition to the battery life of the electric vehicle itself, people are more convenient.
    So “making power more convenient than refueling” has become a homework that some electric vehicle manufacturers must do outside the car building.
    The experience innovation: fancy power supply
    In order to allow more people to dispel power supply before buying electric vehicles, Weilai established Weili Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017, that is, that is, that is, it is also the Niopower.
    Weilai official definition of Niopower is like this:
    niopower is an electricity -increase solution based on the mobile Internet. It has a widely arranged charging and replacement facility network. The exclusive power supply and one -click power supply experience makes power increases more convenient than refueling.
    At NIODAY in 2017, when Li Bin showed the function of three -minute power replacement on the stage. Niopower was officially unveiled.
    In addition to electricity changing, Niopower can also provide Weilai exclusive pile installation, public fast charging pile interconnection, mobile charging vehicle guarantee, supercharging pile, and power -to -powering specialist on behalf of passengers. Through the Weilai Cloud Tune Platform, it constitutes the “one -click power -power” service experience.
    NIopower provides Weilai users with a “rechargeable, replaceable, upgrade” intelligent supplementary service system to solve user pain points. At present, this is almost the most comprehensive energy service system on the market.
    Compared with most electric vehicle companies, Niopower covers all the power increase methods on the market.
    The power conversion time is shorter, close to the refueling time; home charging piles allow users to charge at home; third -party public piles can allow users to find charging piles to charging. And trouble; mobile charging cars can be used as an emergency protection for power supply during long travel.
    The power supply method is all -encompassing, but Weilai’s core must be power replacement.
    The power change constitutes the basis of the entire business model of Weilai. With the power replacement technology, there are different commercial operation solutions such as battery rental solutions, free power replacement, highway power grid, and battery upgrade. (There are too many benefits to replacement of electricity, you can Baidu on your own, this article will not be repeated.)
    This, the cattle artillery at this stage, is similar to a wild player, grows rapidly and accumulates experience.
    Niu cannons: Towards the opening of
    After the practice of the previous two years, it has achieved the goal of allowing Weilai users to enjoy the high -quality power supply experience. In 2019, Niopower began to mature and grow up.
    in April 2019, it became the starting point for Niopower to open to the outside world.
    At the Shanghai Auto Show, NiopowerCharger was released, which added the last short board in the entire power supply system of Weili Energy. At the same time, one -click power -on services also started in April last year, and the customers of the Weilai brand were open. This means that Niopower has embarked on a road to the industry.
    The launch of ultra -charging piles is not only to allow Weilai users to have an additional way of replenishment. It has made Weilai’s energy system open to the outside world more imagination. With the super charging pile, there was a later power -on partner project; with the super charging pile, only the cooperation between Weilai and Xiaopeng opened up the super -charging system.
    As of March this year, the power -on partner project has landed 25 supercharges and 188 supercharch piles. More importantly, the construction of these super -charged piles does not require Welai to pay.
    The open power -to -power business can bring direct benefits to Niopower. Not only is the price of 100 yuan more expensive than the owner of the Weilai car, but the scale effect generated after its opening has made Niopower see the possibility of profitability.
    Is Dr. Shen Fei, Vice President of Weilai Energy at the time, said: “If our existing retain users increase three times, basically Niopower can achieve profitability.” The cumulative key and electricity have completed more than 300,000 single services, providing services for more than 20 other brands of vehicles. Among them, in addition to Weilai’s own users, the most used is Tesla owners.
    free power switching: unexpected killer
    . Another major event of Niopower in 2019 is to launch a free power exchange policy. Weilai’s first owner can enjoy the right to end? The right to exchange power for free.
    , although it also caused a lot of controversy when it was launched, this policy has almost become a killer of Weilai marketing promotion.
    The early 8th of 2019, when Weilai funds were in difficulty. Weilai opened the trial operation of self -driving code to scan the code for electricity. It was free for a limited time, and said that after the formal operation, the price was 180 yuan each time.
    After a week of attempt, on August 24, Weilai unexpectedly announced that the first car owner would change electricity for free. This almost shocked everyone.
    Inside Weilai, the controversy of free power exchange was also great, but in the end Li Bin made a decision.
    Since this policy was announced, Weilai’s power exchange station was full instantly, and the enthusiasm of the owners’ power replacement has greatly improved. Some power changes have even reached a record of up to 76 times a day. Normally, the power replacement capacity of each power station is up to 72 times a day.
    A average calculation, the free power station after free, the frequency of use is doubled compared to the previous. From average daily, it has increased to more than 30 average daily.
    The people sweat for Weilai’s free electricity. However, Li Bin disagreed, “In fact, it cost more electricity bills, because the power change station is ready to build.”
    can also be seen from the sales data after September last year. Enhancement has made important contributions.
    Is Shen Fei said that so far, a total of 292810 free power exchange services have been provided, and the charging is about 13.67 million yuan. If it is converted at a electricity fee of 0.5 yuan, it costs almost 7 million yuan. If you calculate the ES8 of 500,000 yuan, it is 14 ES8. This is quite cost -effective.
    The power station built in the public parking lot has also become a contact of Weilai offline attracting traffic.
    At present, Weilai has built 123 power stations, spreading in more than 50 cities across the country, and the penetration rate of power replacement has reached 48.7%.
    In Weilai’s plan, the power station will increase by 50 in 2020, and it will be upgraded to a 2.0 version of the power station. For example, there is no need to raise the vehicle, which can allow users to change power without getting off the car. Some power stations also add a lounge. Upgrade from efficiency and experience.
    This Niu cannon at this time became a competent auxiliary.
    New business: Battery upgrade and recycling
    In addition to the upgrade of power changes, battery technology is also continuously upgraded every year.
    In 2019, the battery of Weilai 84kWh capacity is landed. The energy density and endurance mileage are upgraded to ensure that the battery pack is unchanged without changing the battery pack.
    , Niopower also launched a flexible daily rent plan for the 84kWh battery pack. 66 yuan per day allows users to rent a large -capacity battery to increase battery life freely when traveling long distances.
    , the reality may not be so optimistic. Perhaps due to cost control, the 84kWh spare battery in the power station cannot be in place. As a result, many owners who have purchased 84kWh batteries cannot enjoy the convenience of replacement.
    Q4, 2020, Weilai will also launch a 100kWh battery package.
    For Niopower, how to truly realize the exchange and flexible upgrade plan between 70, 84, and 100kWh in 2020 will be a new topic they need to face.
    The tests not only test the cloud’s decision -making and dispatch capabilities, but also the ability and funding capabilities of Weilai’s battery supply chain.
    In a few days ago Weilai Financial report, Li Bin said that this year, it will invest more than 100 million yuan to add batteries to the power exchange system.
    In addition to increasing the capacity battery, the use of ladder of eliminating batteries also tests Niopower.
    The channels used by my country’s power battery ladder is mainly used in the China Tower Signal Base Station and other places as spare power supply.
    But for the big central enterprise in this middle, car companies have no advantage during negotiations, and many eliminated batteries are almost equal to sending. As a result, Weilai took a different approach.
    NIopower is exploring cooperation with some motorcycle companies. Divide the eliminated batteries into small modules and use them on two wheels.
    “After the battery is circulating with power changes, it will exert larger remaining value.” At the same time, these batteries are also included in the battery safety monitoring platform of Niopower.
    Printer: Will more companies join power replacement?
    In 2020, another important job of Niopower is to actively participate in the formulation of national power exchange standards.
    The saying goes, first -class corporate standards. As a new car -building company that first carried out power replacement in the field of private passenger cars, as of the 2nd? At the bottom of 2020, Weilai already had more than 1,200 patent -related patented technologies.
    The since last year, Weilai has participated in the formulation/revision of the electrical replacement industry standards: 17 items. Among them, the guidelines and safety requirements of the power exchange system are mainly focused on the power replacement system, covering the design of the power replacement system, the construction of the power station, the replaceable battery pack, the power replacement equipment, the unlocking mechanism, the connector, and the power station operation operation operation. Overall requirements with maintenance.
    It, it is understood that some OEMs have plans to contact Weilai about power replacement.
    “If other OEMs follow up, we are willing to open up and share our experience with other OEMs. At least we have passed the pit, and the people behind will not step on it.” Shen Fei said.
    not only Weilai, but also the pioneer of the pioneer of the power replacement mode also revealed to Che Yun, including BAIC, GAC, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, and Changan. The feasibility of the separation of the mode and the electricity.
    This means that more car companies will be added to the power exchange army.
    , Shen Fei believes that the replacement of electricity involves the reintermination of the vehicle chassis and battery architecture, which takes at least 2 years to see the results. Therefore, other car companies have joined the ranks of power replacement and cannot be achieved overnight.
    but this does not prevent Niopower empowerment and opening up the entire electric vehicle industry.
    If according to Shen Fei’s plan, Niopower is open to focus on three aspects. The supercharous stations are open, the battery monitoring platform is open, and the one -click power power system is open.
    At present, Niopower has reached a cooperation with two OEMs to connect their batteries and products to the battery monitoring platform of Niopower. This is a project that can bring the results to the cooperative manufacturers immediately.
    It batteries used by staircases, this monitoring platform has reached a monitoring scale of 100,000 batteries to ensure the safety of these batteries.
    “Experience, innovation, openness, persistence” This is the guiding ideology of Niopower.
    Wei clearly knows that in order to achieve a comprehensive victory of electric vehicles, team battles must be played.
    “The competition of electric vehicles and oil vehicles now needs to be used to make experiences exceeding the oil vehicle through comprehensive means. The experience is always the first.” It is the final solution. Be sure to continue to do innovation and iteration. We must open, let all OEMs and charging and replacement operators unite, open discussion and define standards, so that electric vehicle users can have no obstacles wherever there is barrier to no obstacle to no obstacles to whereabouts. Power power. “
    This comes from the authors of the car home car, which does not represent the point of view of the car home.

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