How to modify the Thunder fighter gold coins with Gourd Heroes

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  1. 1. Download and install Gourd Heroes 2.5.9
    2. Open the gourds, and click the vague search when entering the Tencent game screen. The data is useless. It is just a way to prevent flashback.
    3. Wait for the announcement bar to order gourds and conduct a joint search of 5000; 50,000, first of all the data, enter the game warehouse, choose a wingman, and select guard.
    4. Click Hulu Xia to check the memory. There are two sets of data modules. Select 5000 data to open “V”, and then check the nearby memory. Find the position-160 position (the tail number is 1.0, and there are four tail numbers of 1.0). Click the ” ” adding position-160 data after clicking the data, and then look down at 8 position (the tail number is 0). Click ” after the data. “adding data. return.
    5. After the data is added, enter the endless mode. Click the game to start the game. Then click Hulu Xia to modify the data, select the data with a tail of 1.0 to modify to-, modify the data with a tail of 0 to -16, and return to the game.
    6. Put the plane down from the lower left or lower right position, you can do it, and wait until the treasure chest is brushed, and you can commit suicide when you brush it to the high score.
    PS: Gourd Man cannot lock the data. Each time you enter the game, you need to be suspended and then modified.

    The above is the method of crab. The Thunder fighter is not abnormally brushed in the Gourd Man Modifier on April 14th. I hope to help players and want to get more gold coins. , Hurry up and act.

    It recommended not to use more. Easy to seal

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