Will Fan Bingbing really eat Swisse?

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  1. Just signed a contract with Fan Bingbing’s Swisse, but there is a “timing bomb” that may explode at any time at any time. Fan Bingbing, an internationally renowned actress, will be the brand’s brand ambassador in Greater China and Australia.
    swisse official Facebook announcement
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    This is Swisse followed French actress Juliette Binoche, and the Chinese film emperor “Huohua Brother” Liu Ye once again hired Heavyweight stars are the brand endorsement, and the firepower has launched marketing and brand promotion activities.
    The parent company of Swisse, Biostime (HK.01112), can you worry about it and make a lot of money?
    The $ 1.7 billion acquisition of Swisse
    swisse Wellness was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1969. As a natural health care brand brand, it has a reputation in Australia, accounting for nearly 16%of the local Australian health product market. It was well known by Chinese consumers that had previously been scratched by China. Its products such as liver liver protection slices, cranberry capsules, liquid collagen, etc. have become “net red products” in China in an instant. It is said that Swisse is an Internet celebrity, mainly because when the brand first became popular, Chinese consumers can only buy their products through purchasing and cross -border e -commerce.
    The Yoshengyuan has completed the acquisition of SWISSE at the end of 2016, allowing the latter to officially enter the larger and more dynamic Asian market. The acquisition was divided into two stages, which were carried out in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and the acquisition scale was 1.7 billion A $ 1.7 billion. The parent company’s Health Yuan also officially changed its name to Jianhe (H

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