Draw a picture with 3DMX, why does the computer crash

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  1. First, the CPU load is too large, or the work is abnormal. Check the CPU and graphics card heat dissipation, dust removal, oil, or replace the fan.
    . The power supply voltage is unstable and the power supply is insufficient. Replace high -quality power supply.
    3. Frequent cleaning disk and sorting disk fragments.
    1. In the "My Computer" window, right -click to clean the disk formation — "Properties" - "Cleaning Disk" — Check the files to be deleted -OK -Yes.
    2. Clear temporary files and start -run — enter "%temp%" - OK.
    3. Use the optimization master or super rabbit to clean up the registry and junk files.
    4. Turn off some startup programs and start-run-Msconfig --- Started, the general programs except the anti-virus software and input method can be turned off.
    5, delete the procedure software that is not used.
    6. Sorting disk fragmentation-start-all programs-attachment-system tools-disk fragmentation program-select disk-analysis-fragmentation.
    7. Reduce the memory burden, and there should be too many procedures for opening. If there are too many documents that are opened at the same time or too many running programs, there is no enough memory to run other programs, and the procedures and windows that are not used at any time should be turned off at any time.
    4. Upgrade graphics card and network card driver, change the graphics card with a higher grade.
    5. Increasing physical memory, the current memory is generally at least 2G.
    6. Reasonably set up virtual memory.

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  3. The main reasons for the computer crashed with 3DMX are:
    The computer hardware configuration is low. This is the most common situation. The solution is to upgrade the hardware or optimize the 3DMAX scene file.
    3DMAX software. Including 3DMAX software itself damage (artificial or virus destruction), or installation of other plug -in conflict. You need to uninstall the conflict plug -in or reinstall 3DMAX.

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