How many gold coins of the king glory Taiyi real person

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  1. As a auxiliary hero, Taiyi Real Man is officially priced at 13,888 gold coins/588 points
    Taiyi real people’s actions depend on his stove. Therefore, it is shown in this hero, which gives him a variety of combat styles -you can do The insignificant development support teammates can also impact the enemy line on the front.
    This: This is the only resurrection skill in the battlefield of King Glory, and it is also the signature skill of Taiyi real person. Once it is successfully resurrected to his key hero, you can often reverse the victory and defeat of the team battle. But -the protection time is very short, and the time for release is very, very important. Now not only can resurrect teammates, but also to resurrect yourself, that is to say, Taiyi real people are a hero with their own resurrection armor, so the shorter the big move, the shorter the CD

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