What are the advantages of Taiyi real people? What is the passive of Taiyi real people?

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  1. Taiyi real person is also a auxiliary hero, because most people playing Taiyi real people are the auxiliary of positioning. This hero is the two biggest advantages. One is passive. of. I still remember the popular pigs at the time. In addition to the shooting of the Taiyi real person, the core of the stream can ensure that the economy has developed to the greatest extent. There is also an advantage. It is its own resurrection effect.
    The heroic economy can help teammates rise rapidly. Remember that the earliest economic increase was 30%, but it gradually weakened, but even the economic increase is still obvious. Because what is the most worried problem in the early period of everyone? There is no economy, no equipment is not harmful, and the rhythm is broken. Everything is not a problem, because when the two people operate the level, the hero economy is nearly half of the equipment than the other party. What do you think about? Taiyi real people can help everyone complete this effect.
    The big moves of this hero. He can resurrect himself or resurrected teammates. In the early and middle period, the role of a resurrection armor is obvious, which can reverse the situation of the battlefield. Although everyone has a resurrection armor in the later period, there are also famous knives and gold bodies. It is not so obvious, but with him, he can complete the resurrection twice, keep his shooter, and keep your junglers. The effect is obvious. Grasp the time, this hero's big move can have a good effect in team battles, whether it is because of his own or teammates.
    This hero's appearance rate is relatively low because although it seems that the above two effects are very good, but as a assistant positioning and protecting teammates' ability, the resurrection of Xiang Yu's big move, one skill has a certain skill to have a certain skill to the enemy must have a certain amount of The deceleration effect. Growing economy. But in protecting teammates, it is not as good as a pure functional assistance. In addition, there is also some difficulty in operation. When it is very particular about the big move, it is more conscious when entering the venue. Naturally, it is not as good as those simple entry -level functional aids.

  2. Taiyi real people have strong passiveness, and the appearance rate is relatively low, which is almost behind the auxiliary. The biggest reason is that this hero has a headache for the enemy, and many friends will directly put them on the ranking. Another reason, even if it is released, he will not become the first choice for assistance. Although this hero is passive, it can increase the additional economy nearby, and relying on its own power, it will also change the entire rhythm of the game. So he has always been strengthening, very powerful, but it will not be popular.
    The real strength of Taiyi is relatively high, so everyone prefers the gameplay and skills of Taiyi. Taiyi real people generally have two different purposes. The first is to protect their core development in the later period and accelerate the development of development. Let the other party's strong period come earlier, and the group will be more comfortable to be a typical Taibao. Coupled with the preliminary skills of the Taiyi combination, the control is optimized, and the later period is also very suitable for the wild to invade the opponent's wild area.
    The rhythm of fast wild jungle can be brushed quickly. It means that Taiyi real people are more diligent, and the speed of forming is faster when matching in the middle. Often when you start, you choose two methods. The first is to quickly clean up the line, and then do it in the two routes to directly invade the jungle area. The other is to follow the jungle area, but I personally think that the first one is relatively advantageous because the reason is that the middle of the middle of the army will be fast after the fall.
    In later team battles, Taiyi real people seem to control skills, and they will also have a big move against the sky, which can provide resurrection opportunities for teammates with insufficient blood volume nearby, which is very important for game opponents. After the number of resurrection is required in the later period, Taiyi real people can use big tricks. Many people will blindly open the group and follow the output to resurrect. When they can re -enter the battlefield, they can threaten the skills of the opponent, so that winning the team battle will have a high chance.

  3. The passive skills of Taiyi real people can help friends to make gold coins, and can accumulate team experience, and quickly refresh their skills; Taiyi real passive skills are to let the nearby enemy heroes die, and their teammates will get 20%of gold coins with their teammates.

  4. For the lineup, Taiyi real people are mainly targeted at the core of the lineup in terms of economic growth. The development of the core hero in the lineup, and has seen the injury in advance. The improvement of fault tolerance is the ability in team battles. It has certain control capabilities and special resurrection mechanisms, which can allow the friendly forces to occupy an absolute advantage in team battles.

  5. The advantage of Taiyi real people is that they can add gold coins to their teammates, can also resurrect their teammates and themselves, and can control the control in team battles; Taiyi real passive is that the nearby enemy non -hero units die when they die when they die. He can get extra gold coins with real people and nearby teammates.

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