The Mercedes -Benz “Four Eyes” sports car hanging on the McLaren logo, exhausting the side! 16 years old

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  1. The Mercedes -Benz “Four Eyes” sports car hanging on the McLaren logo, exhausting the side! In 16 years, it is timeless
    The Mercedes -Benz brand is quite influential in the automotive industry. After all, this brand is a car inventor. As an old car company with a history of over 100 years, Mercedes -Benz’s models cover a wide range, cars SUV There are well -known world explosions. But attentive friends will find that Mercedes -Benz’s super sports car is not particularly much. In addition to the AMG series of high -performance vehicles, supercars that can compete with brands such as Ferrari Porsche are limited. In fact, it is not Mercedes -Benz’s strength. Not enough, it is just because the product strategy is different.
    Because Mercedes -Benz really has the ability to build a supercar. For example, as early as 16 years ago, Mercedes -Benz Motor created a supercar on the McLaren Super Running brand. For Mercedes -Benz, the main frame and engine come from Mercedes -Benz, but the final assembly and transformation were given to the British factory of the McLaren team. Therefore, this car not only hangs the Mercedes -Benz car logo after leaving the factory, but also can be seen on the side of the body. It can be said that it is a product that is born strongly.
    From the appearance, the model maintains the classic style of Mercedes -Benz. The front face of the vehicle can see a very classic Mercedes -Benz bid, and the four -eye headlights on both sides. It is a pity to give up. Below the front of the car, you can see the large mouth of the air intake. Because this sports car uses the front and rear -drive power layout, the front of the car retains a very huge heat dissipation hole and intake trail. You can see a diversion like fish gills, and the air on the front can be quickly discharged after the engine compartment is passed through the engine compartment.
    This on the side of the body adopts a double -door configuration, and it is a cool butterfly door design. This way of opening the door can ensure that the space for getting on and off the car is spacious enough, and in order to open the door The support rod, just open the door lock, can lift the door with a little force. There is no exaggerated tail at the rear of the vehicle, because the model uses a soft -top convertible design, and the rear of the vehicle is installed with a very complicated roof container. The taillights look familiar. It belongs to the very typical family taillights of the Mercedes -Benz car.
    is more interesting that the exhaust pipe of this car is not installed on the rear of the car, but instead of the side exhaust. There are two exhaust pipe exits on the left and right sides under the door. Similar design is not uncommon in the automotive field, but this design is necessary, because this car uses a front engine. If the exhaust pipe is installed on the rear of the car, it is necessary to increase the normal exhaust Tube, which leads to weight gain, is very important for a sports car to reduce one kilogram of weight.
    Meron -Benz McLaren’s supercar jointly sold for 375,000 euros in that year, and it has been nearly 3 million yuan. Unfortunately Discontinue production. The 5.4 -liter -range V8 supercharged engine equipped by the vehicle is large, and the limit output can reach 625 horsepower. The same level of models does not fall.
    Now looking back at this Mercedes -Benz supercar 16 years ago, the appearance design is still outdated, and there is even some futuristic sense. This shows how powerful the strength of Mercedes -Benz cars. As long as you are willing to build a supercar, There is not much difficulty.
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