1 thought on “What belongs to Internet cultural products?”

  1. There are seven categories of online cultural products: Internet cafes, anime, performance dramas, exhibition competitions, music art, game operations (virtual currency distribution, virtual currency transaction).
    The advent of the information age, the appearance of the Internet to a certain extent affects people's working, lifestyle, thinking methods and values, and form a brand new culture -network culture based on this.
    The network culture is based on the network, based on the integration of computer technology and communications technology, and the core of sending and accepting information, and strengthening connection as a means to affect human life thinking.
    The generation of network culture has a profound impact on traditional culture in terms of communication methods, expression, way of thinking, and values.
    So we must attract enough attention and study. In order to clearly grasp the network culture and traditional Chinese culture, this article is discussed from the origin and development of traditional culture and network culture, and explores the conflict and integration of the two.

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