Heavy official announcement! Digital RMB is coming, even if the phone has no signal, it can still be used

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  1. In the era of digital economy, people's requirements for payment security and convenience are getting higher and higher, and the research and development and application of legal digital currencies have also become a general trend.

    in recent years, many countries around the world have stepped up to study digital currencies, and China is no exception. At present, my country's digital RMB research and development work is steadily promoting.
    Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Overall Plan for Comprehensive Deepening the Pilot Trade Innovation and Development Pilot", which announced the pilot area of ​​digital RMB.
    At present, the digital RMB pilot is still "4 1", that is, the internal closed pilot test in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong'an New District, Chengdu and future Winter Olympics scenes has not changed. Relevant sources pointed out that 28 pilots such as Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai uploaded online are actually pilots comprehensively deepening service trade innovation and development.
    What is digital RMB?
    will cash payment be replaced in the future?
    For Chinese consumers, mobile payment deeply incorporates our daily life, and everyone may have such doubts: what exactly is digital RMB? What is the difference between it? Will cash be replaced in the future?
    The legal digital currency in my country is the combination of digital currencies and electronic payment instruments. The goal is to replace part of cash. Simply put, digital currencies of the People's Bank of China can be regarded as digital RMB cash.
    D digital currency and virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and "Libra" have essential differences. The latter does not have national credit and does not have legal repayment. In this regard, it has the same effect as cash.
    In use of the use scenario, the central bank's digital currency does not pay interest, which can be used for small, retail, and high -frequency business scenarios, which is not much different from using banknotes. It does not rely on bank accounts and payment accounts, as long as the user is equipped with a digital currency wallet. Not only that, the central bank's digital currency uses the latest dual offline technology, which can still be used even without mobile phone signals.
    The special researcher at the National Financial and Development Laboratory Dong Ximiao said that as long as a mobile phone with a digital currency wallet, you can easily complete the transfer or payment.
    If experts said that the central bank's digital currency will replace part of the cash in the future, but not all of them will replace banknotes. Dong Ximiao, a special researcher at the National Financial and Development Laboratory, said that in my country's banknotes will exist for a long time, our user habits are different, and cash payment and non -cash payment will coexist for a long time.
    At the same time, the digital currency issued by the central bank starts with paper banknotes and coins in circulation. That is to say, assuming that the currency currently circulating is 100 yuan, and the central bank's digital currency will replace the 100 yuan equivalent.
    Senior researcher Xu Yuan, a senior researcher at the Peking University Digital Financial Research Center: The new digital currency and banknotes are exchanged one by one, so now that commercial banks need to obtain this digital currency, they must exchange the previous currency. Do not increase the total amount.
    When can you use digital RMB?
    , although it has entered the pilot test stage, this does not mean that the digital RMB is really landing. Before the formal launch, it is necessary to test the theoretical reliability, system stability, and risk controllability.
    The central bank also stated many times that the schedule of digital RMB has not yet launched. If the digital RMB pilot test is smooth, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics may be able to "see Fang Rong".

    D digital RMB is coming! The Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "General Plan for Comprehensively Deepening the Trade Innovation and Development and Development", which mentioned that "the pilot areas of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and the central and western regions of the central and western regions. The use of digital RMB in the region with the most developed economy and the strongest foreign trade strength will undoubtedly have a positive impact on China's digital innovation of service trade in China and internationalization of RMB.
    D digital currency replacement is cash in circulating currency, providing a new digital payment method outside the current bank accounts and bank cards. With the upgrading of industries and high -quality economic development, the service industry has become a pillar industry for economic development and increasing employment. After entering the digital economy era, digital trade has become a new trend of international trade. All countries have formulated industrial policies that stimulate the development of the digital economy and seize the favorable position in the value chain of the international industry chain. China has increased innovation, promoting the use of digital renminbi will help enhance the international competitiveness of service trade, and promote China to move from a major trade country to a trade power.
    1 is to meet the requirements of economic digitalization and enhance the ability of financial services. Digital technology is the core of a new round of technological revolution and the key to reconstructing the value chain of the global industrial chain. Which country can take the lead in using digital technologies in the manufacturing and service industries to obtain larger technical advantages, higher all -factor productivity, and more trade added value. Since the international financial crisis in 2008, China has increased its investment in science and technology research and development and "Internet " innovation, and is committed to developing from "Made in China" to "Chinese creation" and "Chinese service". Finance is the blood of economic development and the most important productive service industry. Economic digitalization has profoundly changed the financial format and operating model, and most financial services have changed from offline to online. Digital currencies are the innovative achievements of digital technology in the field of currency. As long as there are mobile phones, even if there is no bank account, they can also conduct trading and payment, which greatly improves financial inclusiveness and enhances consumer convenience.
    It is to give play to China's advantages in the field of 5G technology and digital currency and expand the scale of trade. Carry out digital RMB pilots in the pilot areas of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and the central and western regions, and gradually improve the system and mechanism of digital currency issuance, use, and risk control. The retail trade payment path and channel, connect the high -frequency application scenarios that are closely related to consumer life. Digital trade such as e -commerce and online trade is in the ascendant. The C -terminal trading space and development potential are very large. The use of digital RMB in cross -border trade means that the financial industry is underdeveloped and has a high financial constraints, or foreign financial institutions overseas financial institutions For countries with less and inconvenient bank accounts, it provides a new, convenient and secure payment method, which is conducive to expanding China's trade scale and promoting the diversified development of trade.
    three is to play the new business card of "China Service" to enhance the international image and influence of the RMB. If it is said that in the past ten years, the high -speed rail is a beautiful business card that represents China's speed; then in the next ten years, digital RMB will become a shiny business card for China's financial innovation. Earlier in 2020, digital currencies were used in specific consumption scenarios in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xiong'an New District and other places. The Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute also officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Didi Chuxing to jointly study and explore the scene innovation and application of legal digital currencies in the field of smart travel. Digital currency is the product of digital technology. The use of digital technology requires the technical support of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and 5G and other information platforms. The concentration of digital currencies reflects China's institutional mechanism, model and technological innovation based on the digital economy. The first use of digital currency to promote currency upgrades marks the firm determination and strong innovation capabilities of China's development of the green economy, which is conducive to improving the image and international acceptance of the representative of the renminbi.
    At present, digital currency is a new thing, and its promotion and application will not be smooth. Especially in the promotion of digital RMB in cross -border trade, many difficulties in payment habits, risk management, payment systems, financial supervision, infrastructure, etc. may be encountered. This requires accurate positioning, clarify the scope of the use of digital currency, and grasp the balance between development and risk management; at the same time, the construction of new infrastructure should be strengthened to consolidate the foundation of digital currency operation; increase financial opening, reduce the control of trade payment , Improve the convenience of RMB use, and enhance the subjective initiative of enterprises and individuals to pay for RMB.

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