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  1. Live Football 2015 (PES2015) MC mode on the hand -drawn text tutorial MC mode. The master of his own victory. Of course, unlike the Masters League, the MyClub mode is an online mode, which means that you can make a decision with the teams created by other players online and get a place in the ranking of players around the world. ML large court diameter
    first is the entry method of MyClub mode

    In the fourth project of the main menu [Football Career], in addition to the most familiar master league and one goal become famous In addition, the remaining one is MyClub (the cover is Getze)

    In this screenshot, there is a data in the upper right corner (the landlord’s own). There is a gray circle and a golden circle. These two are the virtual game coins used in MyClub mode -GP and MyClub Coins (MyClub coins). The use of the two gaming coins will be mentioned in detail.

    The click to enter MyClub

    If you log in to the MyClub mode for several days in a row, there will be a daily bonus. The rewards of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th days are GP, and the logo of lightning on the 3rd and 6th days is the player’s physical strength recovery prop. The 9th day is MyClub coin, and the number is unclear.

    If you are the first time you enter the MyClub mode, the system will force you to spend a tutorial and help you sign a coach and player. In fact, this tutorial covers most of the main points. Children’s shoes that play this mode for the first time must look at the tutorial. Don’t be sure to confirm = =

    The description list is also very detailed.

    This starry sky

    myClub mode main interface. There are four projects. We are looking at

    homepage, with a total of 7 sections.

    The far left is the option to enter the game quickly. It will automatically change with the category of the game (everyone fights, human -machine battle, coaching mode, etc.).

    It two items in the middle, the upper is the team management system, which will be mentioned later. Below is the game tactical deployment, which is where everyone adjusts the player lineup and formation before playing the game (of course, the game tactical deployment of the game tactical deployment in MyClub is not very effective)

    . The top is the player, the coach list, and the Contract in the middle is where the contracting player and coach are signed, and it will be mentioned later. On the left is the MyClub mode store, and the right is a gift box.

    It several sections on the homepage are most commonly used, and will be expanded later.

    The second project is the place to enter the game. The far left is the online player battle, the middle is human -machine battle, and on the right side is the online men’s battle (coaching mode, similar to the meaning of FM), below is the MyClub mode competition.

    The third item is the data summary. Above the left is the ranking of everyone’s battle, and the bottom left is the coaching mode ranking. On the upper right side is the result of nearly 20 human -machine battles, the lower right side is the MYCLUB mode achievement, the right side is the data statistics
    The fourth item, the upper is the editor’s team (team name and abbreviation), the storage team on the bottom left is the storage team Data, on the right is a user protocol. The bottom right corner is the team’s data reset (when it is not available)

    The latter three pages are relatively single, and there is no flower head. Here we also focus on the sections on the homepage.

    The first is the game tactical deployment. In fact, there is no flower head. There are very few operations here. Only the replacement (in the team management system can be done), fine -tuning the position, set a free kick penalty penalty penalty The players and settings of automatic replacement/switching tactics/offside traps

    are worth mentioning that this generation of tactical deployment and team management system in myClub, the background of the back can be discolored. The specific rules are when the [tactical fit] of the player and the head coach, the higher the heat (red) of his area. You can intuitively see how much sparks can be wiped out by the players and coaches. For example, the above figure, my tactics of my rear defense line and striker and coaches are very high, while the right avant -garde is much worse.

    then returned to the homepage, and then look at the MyClub shop on the left side of the right corner.

    three items from top to bottom are [Buy MyClub coin], [View MyClub Coin (Usage)] and [Add the upper limit of the number of players]

    Coin -purchased, because the server has just opened the service, the function is not yet open.

    The second item can view your MyClub currency income and expenditure

    Free or purchase), the fourth column is time.

    The third item is used to increase the maximum number of your players (5 people at a time)


    is now increased from 35 to 40, and the cost is 2000GP

    . If 40 increases to 45 people, it takes 3000GP, and so on.
    It back to the homepage, [Gift Box] on the bottom right corner.
    This is the GP used to collect things, the system given to you, myClub coin or senior broker sent by special codes, etc. It will appear here

    Detailed instructions, if you don’t want to see one by one, you can directly click the direct pass to collect all.

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