What is a currency fund?

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  1. Currency is constantly changing with the form of commodity exchange value. At the end of the primitive society, when people’s products have surplus, they need to be exchanged between different tribes. For example, a tribe has surplus sheep to exchange with others. Occasionally, when someone holds a rabbit, they also exchange. Two two. If you encounter it together, then a sheep changed 5 rabbits. It can be seen here that the value of 1 sheep is used to use 5 rabbits. This sheep is now manifested as five rabbits. This is a original form of value expression. With the emergence of social progress and the large number of remaining products, this transaction is becoming more and more frequent. Finally, people recognize that silver and gold are used as materials that measure all the value of all commodities, so the currency is generated.

    shows that currency itself is a product, but this kind of product has special functions. It can be exchanged and exchanged with any other products, which is a general equivalent.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the currency fund is an open fund operated by the fund manager. The fund custodian keeps funds. Sexuality and stability, with the characteristics of “quasi -savings”.nThe characteristics of the currency fund are: 1. principal security: the currency fund is mainly invested in the currency market, the main investment scope is cash, bank deposits, large deposit orders, national debt, etc., which are less risky; 2. High -liquidity: currency fund can Subsidies and redemption at any time are not affected by fakes; 3. Low investment costs: The purchase or redemption of currency funds is zero interest rate, and most of the purchase threshold is as low as 1 yuan; The income is calculated every day, and there is interest income daily. Investors enjoy compound interest, and bank deposits are just single -profit. The monthly dividend knot is converted to the fund share, and the dividend is exempted from income tax.nI hope my answer can help you [Smile]n1 morenBleak

  4. Introduction to currency market funds

    . What is the currency market fund

    Curning market fund refers to a fund invested in the short -term securities in the currency market. The fund assets are mainly invested in short -term price securities such as short -term monetary instruments such as Treasury vouchers, commercial bills, bank regular deposits, short -term government bonds, corporate bonds, and interbank deposits.

    . The product characteristics of the currency market fund

    1. The principal safety

    . Since most of the currency market funds are mainly invested in the remaining period, The low -risk securities varieties such as government bonds, financial bonds, central bank bills, bond repurchase, and interbank deposits within the year are within the year. Safety.

    . The funds are strong

    The liquidity is comparable to the current deposit. The fund is convenient for buying and selling, the funds are short, and the liquidity is high. Generally, the fund can be redeemed for two or three days of funds.

    3. High yields

    . Most currency market funds generally have the income level of government bond investment. In addition to the investment tools such as exchanges that can be invested by general institutions that can invest in general institutions, they can also enter interbank bonds and repurchase markets and central bank bills for investment. The annual net yield can generally reach 2 % -3 %, The recent yield reached 2.6%-2.7%, much higher than the income level of bank savings during the same period. Not only that, the currency market fund can also avoid hidden losses and resist inflation. When inflation occurs, the actual interest rate may be very low or even negative. The currency market fund can timely grasp the changes in interest rates and inflation, obtain stable returns, and become a tool for rising prices.

    4. Investment costs are low

    This currency market funds generally exempt fees, subscription fees, purchase fees, and redemption fees are 0, and funds are very convenient. It not only reduces investment costs, but also guarantees liquidity.

    5. Duty of dividends

    . Most currency market fund funds are always maintained by 1 yuan, and the income is calculated every day. Bank deposits are just single -profit. The monthly dividend knot is converted to the fund share, and the dividend is exempted from income tax.

    It, the general currency market fund can also be converted with other open funds under the fund management company, high efficiency and flexibility, low cost. When the stock market is good, it can be converted into a stock -type fund. When the bond market is good, it can be converted into bond funds. When the stock market and the bond market do not have a good chance, the currency market fund is a good -funded aidone port. Investors can timely be able to timely timely. Grasp the various opportunities in the stock market, bond market and currency market.

    . The current currency market funds have those varieties

    The Hua’an cash income, Boshi cash income, investment cash value -added, southern cash profit, Huaxia cash increase, etc. Several currency market funds.

    . List of Monetary Fund
    The southern cash increase fund (202301)
    Hua’an cash Fuli Fund (040003)
    R N Boshi Cash Revenue Fund (050003)
    In investment cash value value -added funds (217004)
    Galaxy Yinfu Currency Fund (150005)
    : 180009)
    The long -term interest income fund (519999)
    Nuoan Currency Market Fund (320003)

    5. What is an open fund what is a closed fund open fund and a closed fund, what is the difference between

    Can be issued according to development requirements, and investors can also be redeemed, and the redemption price is equal to the current net asset value deduction fee.

    The investors can freely join or withdraw from such an open investment fund and have no restrictions on the number of investors, so this kind of fund is called a common fund. Most investment funds are open.

    The total issuance of closed funds is limited. Once the issuance plan is completed, it will no longer be issued. Investors cannot be redeemed, but fund units can be transferred publicly on the stock exchange or counter market. The transfer price is determined by the market supply and demand.

    The differences between the two are as follows:

    1. The variability of the fund size is different. The fund units issued by open funds are redeemed, and investors can purchase fund units at any time, so the scale of the fund is not fixed; the scale of closed funds is fixed.

    2. The transaction price of the fund unit is different. The purchase price of the fund unit of the open -end fund is based on the net asset value corresponding to the fund unit, and there will be no discount. The price of closed -end fund units is more affected by the market supply and demand relationship, and the price fluctuates greatly.

    3. The sale pathway of the fund unit is different. Investors of open funds can buy or redemption funds directly from the fund management company at any time, and the handling fee is low. The buying and selling of closed funds is similar to stock transactions. It can be traded in the securities market and requires paid fees and securities transaction taxes. Generally speaking, the cost is higher than the open fund.

    4. The investment strategy is different. Open funds must retain some funds in order to cope with investors’ redemption at any time, and long -term investment will be limited. The closed funds are not redeemed. There is no need to withdraw the reserves. It can make full use of funds, conduct long -term investment, and achieve long -term operating performance.

    5. The required market conditions are different. The flexibility of open funds is relatively flexible, and the scale of funds is easier, so it is suitable for financial markets with higher openness and larger scale; closed -end funds are just the opposite, suitable for the incomplete financial system, low degree of openness and low level Smaller financial markets.

  5. The currency fund is a kind of open fund that gathers social idle funds. It is operated by the fund manager. The fund custodian keeps funds. Liquidity and stability are characterized by “quasi -savings”. Due to the emergence of digital currencies, a new type of currency fund -virtual currency fund appeared in the field of currency.

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