How does the inflow and outflow of the main funds affect the stock price?

In stock reviews, the inflow and outflow of the main funds will often be seen! So when the main funds enter, does the stock price rising, does it mean that when the stock price will suddenly plummet due to the main force? Please explain the mystery in detail!

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  1. Whenever the stock price changes, some shareholders and friends like to inflow or net outflow of the main funds as the criteria for judging the trend of the stock price. Many people are not very clear about the concept of the main funds, which causes a wrong judgment every time, and it is unknown to lose money. So today I plan to talk to you about the things about the main funds, I hope to bring some inspiration to everyone. Give everyone a suggestion, that is to read all this article, especially the second point is particularly important. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection

    . What is the main funds?

    This funds are too large, such funds that will have a lot to do with the stock price of individual stocks. Certificates, foreign capital (QFII, northern -oriented funds), brokerage institutions funds, tourism, corporate major shareholders, etc. Among them, one of the main funds that cause the entire stock market to fluctuate must count the northbound capital and securities agency funds.

    general "North" means that the stocks of Shanghai and Shenzhen are the stocks, so Hong Kong funds and international capital flowing into the A -share market are called northbound funds; "South" represents Hong Kong stocks, and Therefore, Mainland China, which flows into Hong Kong stocks, is called southbound funds. The reason why it is concerned about the Northbound Fund is because there is a powerful investment research team behind the Northbound Fund, which is more called "smart funds" than many retail investors to master more information. Get a little investment opportunity in the behavior.

    The funds of securities firm not only hold the advantages of channels, but also get one -handed information in time. Excellent, the second is that the industry's development prospects are better. In most cases, the main promotion of individual stocks cannot leave their funding power, so it is also called "sedan" by others. The stock market market information knows that the faster the better, it is recommended to give you an investment artifact that pushes the market news in seconds- [Stock Market Yijing Rongwa] First-hand information on the financial market

    . What impact?

    Generally speaking, if the inflow of main funds is greater than the outflow, it means that the supply of stock markets will increase naturally, and the stock price will naturally rise; when the outflow of the main funds is greater than the inflow volume, the amount of capital is greater than the flow volume, and the amount of inflows is greater than the flow volume, and the amount of inflows is greater than the flow volume. It means that the supply is greater than demand, and the stock price will definitely decline. As for stocks, the flow of funds for the main force will affect its price direction. However, it is not very accurate to see the data that flows out. Sometimes the main funds flow out of large amounts, but the stock rises. The reason behind it is that the main force uses a small amount of funds to increase the stock price. There are retail investors to pick up the inventory, which also causes the reasons for the rise in stock prices. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis needs to be carried out, and then the most suitable stock is selected. Prepare the stop loss level and the stop profit at the same time in advance. Making corresponding measures in place is the key to the profitability of the small and medium investors in the stock market in the stock market. Essence If you do n’t have enough time to study a stock, you may wish to click the link below, enter the stock code you want to know, and conduct in -depth analysis: [Free] Test your current valuation location?

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  2. The main funds refer to funds that can affect the stock market and even control the short -term trend of the stock market in the stock market.
    The inflows of the main funds affect the analysis of the stock price as follows:
    1. The supply and demand relationship of funds in a good market environment determines the rise and fall of the stock. The inflow less than the flow of funds represents the shortage of funds, and it will inevitably decline without promoting the rise of the stock price.
    2. The main funds have a significant impact on individual stocks and sectors. The inflow of the main funds directly affects the rise and fall of individual stocks and rotation of the plate. If you want to make money in the stock market, you must figure out the movement of the main funds, whether it is net inflow or net outflow. The amount of net inflows generally has a positive effect on the stock price.

  3. This is not an absolutely inflow that can be regarded as the main force as the main force, or the main force can be regarded as the main force to seduce you to enter the venue. So you need to cooperate with other analysis

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