What does Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Core represent what they represent

2 thoughts on “What does Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Core represent what they represent”

  1. Bitcoin XT is a bitcoin expansion solution proposed by Nakamoto Heirs, Kavin, and others, and is a hard fork -toar expansion solution. However, the 8M expansion plan at that time was rejected by the Bitcoin community. Later, this solution evolved into a Bitcoin classic and expanded 2m, which catered to the needs of Chinese miners. Finally, it was abandoned because of the consensus of Hong Kong.
    Bitcoin core refers to the core development team of Bitcoin, adheres to the soft fork solution, and adopts the mode of isolation verification lightning network. But the community does not receive much support, especially in the country. Some of the do what they do also make the community unsteady.
    Nowadays, Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) is more popular in China and has received extensive support in the community.

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