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  1. Shi Yuzhu’s annual table

    1962 was born, and Huaiyuan, Anhui.

    1984 graduated from the Department of Digital Studies in Zhejiang University and distributed to the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics.

    In January 1989, he graduated from the Graduate School of Shenzhen University and is a master’s degree in soft science. Then went to the sea to start a business.

    1989, Shi Zi thought that he had developed the M-6401 desktop text processing system that he had developed as the product, and he contracted the Shenzhen computer of Tianjin University with 4,000 yuan.
    The department is named as a computer but there is no computer, only one business license. At that time, the cheapest computer price was 8,500 yuan. Shi Yi’s price increased by 1,000 yuan was delayed for half a month of “discount”, and a computer was obtained. Shi Yi Software’s copyright is mortgaged. In the “Computer World”, it will first advertise and pay, and the promotion budget is 17,550 yuan. On August 2, 1989, Shi played half a version of ads in “Computer World”, “M-6401, historic breakthrough.” By the 13th day, Shi received the remittance order pen. As of mid -September of that year, the sales of history have exceeded 100,000 yuan. Shi Fuqing’s debt and invested Yu Qian to advertisement. After 4 months, the sales of M-6401 exceeded 1 million yuan. This is the first bucket of history. Since then, Shi Lu Ji has developed M-6402 until M-6405 Hanka, and the operating income of more than 1 million yuan in 4 months later.

    In 1991, the giant company was established. Launched M -6403.

    In 1992, the giant headquarters moved from Shenzhen to Zhuhai. M -6403 achieved a profit of 35 million yuan. The design plan of the 18 -story Giant Building was introduced. Later, this plan was changed again and again, from 18 floors to 70 floors. It was the highest building in China at that time, with funds required more than 1 billion yuan. Shi Yuzhu basically raised funds by raising funds and selling flowers. She raised more than 100 million yuan and did not loan from banks.

    In 1993, the giant launched M -6405, Chinese laptops, Chinese handwritten computers, etc. Among them, only Chinese handwritten computers and software sales reached 360 million yuan. Giant has become China’s second largest private high -tech company. Shi Yuzhu became the second batch of intellectuals in Zhuhai.

    1994, the Giant Building started construction and planned to be completed in 3 years. Shi Yuzhu was elected as the top ten reforms in China.

    In 1995, the giant launched 12 health products with 100 million advertisements. Shi Yuzhu was listed by Forbes as the 8th place in the Mainland.

    In 1996, the Giant Building was urgent. Shi Yuzhu decided to transfer all the funds of health products to the Giant Building. The health care product business was too much due to the “blood drawing” of funds. decline.

    1997, the Giant Building was not completed on schedule, and domestic buyers from the domestic buyers came to the door to request a refund. Media carpet reporting giant financial crisis. Soon, the Giant Building on the ground three floors was stopped. The giant group has died in name, but has not applied for bankruptcy.

    1999 Biomedical Biomedical Industry, Biomedical Industry, Biomedical Products, “Shanghai Jiante Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”.

    “Zhuhai Shi’an Co., Ltd.” was registered on December 21, 2000. Purchase the flowers of Giant Building in Zhuhai.

    In 2000, Shi Yuzhu claimed to start a business in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang at the original class. Said: “I must pay it back.” The timetable for repaying the money at the end of 2000.

    In 2001, Shi Yuzhu applied for a giant company in Shanghai to seek listing.

    On November 18, 2004, Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, and Shi Yuzhu was the chairman of the history.

    On November 15, 2005, “Journey” officially opened internal testing.

    On July 26, 2006, Shi Yuzhu and its 18 company executives officially registered “Giant Network Limited” in the Cayman Islands. “The company controls 100%equity of Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd..

    On June 11, 2007, “Giant Network Limited” was officially renamed Giant Group Inc., which is now the official name of listed companies; company.

  2. Shi Yuzhu and Zhengtu Network

    The journey network plan to broadcast about a month of advertising on CCTV. According to a rough calculation of CCTV advertising charging standards, it is expected that the CCTV network will invest nearly 20 million yuan in advertising costs in a set of CCTV.

    . The online game player is positioned as a white -collar class from the age of 18 to 35. He is put into advertising at CCTV’s heavy money. I believe that it will not directly drive the number of Zhengtu gamers. However, as an emerging online game operator, the popularity of the journey network will be greatly improved. At the same time, the selection of the image advertisement is broadcast during the Asian Games, and it is also hoped to convey to more people. Online games, like other sports, are a healthy entertainment method.

    The breakthrough policy blockade of Shi Yuzhu and the image advertisement of online game companies on CCTV, is there any suspicion of challenging the national supervision scale? Many divergent.

    The reason why CCTV agreed to the online advertising on the screen is said to have a close relationship with the Giant Group’s launch of CCTV for many years. CCTV’s advertising review has always been strict. It is only a corporate image advertisement for the journey. It is not a product of online games, just like the image advertisement of some tobacco companies. Through the journey, you can see the rapid development of the Chinese online game industry.

    The “disabled” who does not play cards in accordance with common sense. In the online game industry in 2006, Shi Yuzhu and his “Journey” have always played the role of such a “discharge”.

    Whether it is “Journey” or brain platinum and golden partner, Shi Yuzhu’s business thinking is so unreasonable. It is this kind of marketing method with a strong historical style to achieve its market success. The new competition rules of online games change because Shi Yuzhu’s arrival in 2006.

    In November 2004, Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengtu Network”) was officially established. Three or four years ago, Shi Yuzhu thought about investing in online games. Before entering the online game, Shi Yuzhu once asked experts to consult, and he also visited the leaders of some industries. The conclusion is that in at least 8 years or longer, the growth rate of online games will remain above 30%. In Shi Yuzhu’s view, the demand for entertainment in Chinese people is increasing, and the proportion of Chinese gamers is relatively low, and the growth potential is huge. Therefore, Shi Yuzhu asserted that the current online game market must be a rising industry.

    The Shi Yuzhu always believes that the success of online games depends on two: money and people. Shi Yuzhu does not lack money. The accumulation and investment income of health products for many years have brought huge capital accumulation to Shi Yuzhu. A few years ago, Shi Yuzhu had been tempted by online games, but at that time he had no game team. Wang Yan of Sina once told him that Sina did not make online games because of lack of people.

    In 2004, a team of Shanghai Shanda, which gave up large -scale online games, was going to leave Shanda and hoped to find a suitable investment partner and contact investors in the same Taiwan. After hearing about this, Shi Yuzhu immediately found the team to meet. After the talks, Shi Yuzhu’s enthusiasm for investing in IT was ignited again and decided to invest.

    The Shi Yuzhu asked himself after the formal determination: If it fails, what can the reason come from? The first is the product, the second is the loss of personnel, etc. In one question and one answer, Shi Yuzhu listed more than a dozen project points, and found the solution one by one.

    The Shi Yuzhu of the first online game cannot compete with the opponent in an all -round way. Therefore, a strategy of “focusing on focusing and focusing” was formulated. Zhengtu Network only makes only one product, and only choose the 2D field in the MMORPG class. Shi Yuzhu claims to do the “closure of the 2D game”. Judging from the current results, Shi Yuzhu’s focus strategy has achieved a certain degree of success, and the number of online people in “Journey” has been ahead of direct competitors.

    For the project of online games, Shi Yuzhu pre -estimated that it may lose a maximum of 200 million, so he prepared 200 million yuan on the account. However, after the 40 million yuan was cast in the early stage, the “Journey” soon entered a benign development, and it had begun to make profits during the public beta stage. As a result, Shi Yuzhu officially entered the journey to change the online game pattern.

    The game colleagues are straightforward, and they are too alternative and do not follow common sense. However, it is also believed that the company’s advertisement can be made to CCTV and the use of white gold ground promotion experience to online game channels. It is indeed true. creative.

    The Shi Yuzhu claims to go to the countryside, go to the store, and chat with consumers who buy brain platinum and buy other health products to understand their habits and preferences. To understand the psychology of online game players, Shi Yuzhu saves a lot of trouble. On the one hand, he is a player, and on the other hand, he can also communicate with players very conveniently online.

    A Shi Yuzhu played online games, facing the boring monster upgrade, and simply spent money to ask people to help. After his own online game development, he asked his development team, why must he be so boring? Developers replied that all games are like this. Shi Yuzhu was very dissatisfied with this. In the end, the development team adopted Shi Yuzhu’s opinions and increased the way to upgrade.

    Although it was given the first majority of it, the “Journey” was full free and the strategy of paying the salary for players has also achieved good results in the market. Among all the users of “Zhengtu”, 83%of the users are free, and only 17%of users who really charge. Shi Yuzhu believes that free users are important to bring popularity for themselves, and the market potential of toll users in terms of training and equipment transactions is far greater than that of ordinary dot card timing charging markets.

    S Shi Yuzhu claims to have a deeper understanding of market survey. Shi Yuzhu claims to have entered the Internet cafe directly to chat with players. After the survey, Shi Yuzhu found that online games are the same as health products. The real largest market is below, not above. The Chinese market is pyramid -shaped. The tower is Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In the middle, it is a large city in Nanjing, Wuhan, and Wuxi. More.

    This generally believes that the key to the success of Shi Yuzhu’s health products is advertising, and the most critical ring in Yuzhu is actually ground promotion. Now, Shi Yuzhu will apply marketing experience in health products to online games. According to Tang Min, deputy general manager of Zhengu Network, there are nearly a hundred ground offices on the ground network, and planned to develop to thousands of houses.

    “If you allow online games to advertise, the number of users in” Journey “may exceed one million.” Shi Yuzhu, who claims to be advertising very much, does not seem to have much room for online games. Because of the restrictions on regulatory policies, online game products cannot appear on TV advertisements. And the advertising method seems to be not very effective for players, but not long ago, Shi Yuzhu still couldn’t bear loneliness. The image advertisement on the CCTV network was on the two CCTV channels. First.

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