How much is a suitable position?

How much is a suitable position?

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  1. The stock falls by about 20-30%. It is suitable for replenishment. If you only fall 5%, you do not need to make up the position, because the shock can be unraveling at one time.
    The expansion information:
    The position (coin market term) means that investors buy the same securities on the basis of holding a certain amount of securities. The replacement is because of the decline in the stock price, in order to lowered the cost of the stock, it carried out the buying behavior. The positioning is a passive strain strategy after being stuck. It is not a good way to solve the set, but it is the most suitable method in some specific conditions.
    five points
    . The bear market cannot be repaid in the early stages of the bear market. Everyone who knows this reason, but some investors cannot distinguish between the turning point of the beef and bear? There is a very simple way: the stock price is not deeply fell and resolutely does not make up for positions. If the current price of the stock is 5%lower than the purchase price, there is no need to make up the position, because the shock can be unzipped at a time. If the current price is more than 20%to 30%lower than that of the current price, or even some stock prices are cut, you can consider replenishment. The room for further decline in the market outlook is relatively limited.
    . The broader market does not stabilize and does not make up the position. The broader market cannot be replenished when the felling channel or the relay rebounds, because when the stock index fell further, it would drag up most stocks to go downhill together, and only a few stocks that were strong in the market can be exceptions. The best time to make up the position is when the index is relatively low or just reversed upward. At this time, the potential of rising is huge, the decline may be minimized, and the positioning is safer.
    three, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. Especially those large markets rose without rising, and the market fell to fall. Because the purpose of replenishing positions is to use the profit of the later replenishment shares to make up for the loss of the previous sets of stocks. Since this is so big that you don't have to limit your original quilt varieties. What varieties are not the key to replenishment. The key is to make the most profitable varieties to make the most profitable. This is to focus on it. Therefore, we must make up for the strong stocks to make up for the strong stocks.
    . The super dark horse that has soared in the early stage will not make up. There were many leading leaders in history, and after sending a brief and dazzling light, it entered into the long night of darkness. Such as: Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen Development, China Jialing, Qingdao Haier, Jinan light riding, etc., they have a long decline cycle, often falling deeply after deep fall, and deeper bottoms after the bottom. Investors are flattened, and they will only make up more and more, and the deeper, the deeper, and eventually they will be trapped in the quagmire.
    5. Grasp the time to make up the position and strive to succeed once. Do not replenish the positions, and make up the positions step by step. First of all, the funds of ordinary investors are limited and cannot withstand multiple flat operations. Secondly, the replacement is a make up for the previous error buying behavior, and it should not become a second error transaction itself. The so -called step -by -step replacement is to defend the incomplete buying behavior. Many times to make up the positions, the result of buying and the more you will get yourself into a state of irrevocination.

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