How to turn the gold coins in World of Warcraft to RMB

5 thoughts on “How to turn the gold coins in World of Warcraft to RMB”

  1. Isn't it all on Taobao personnel? The title of the name may come by the gold.
    The money on the trumpet is not possible to put a large money on the trumpet. It is possible to be blocked after a large number of transactions, but at this time Taobao customer service confirmed that the gold coins have been sold. The money is automatically hit by Alipay, no seller is confirmed. Does the trumpet be blocked at this time ...
    If you put the money on the trumpet, you will be blocked, then you must be a situation -black gold

  2. For example, sell G to RMB directly, and I have a direct shot of G to RMB to rush to the bank card or buy a point card with G before selling some cards, but it is better to sell G directly

  3. The G coins can only be traded through the player. For example, I need G in our two transactions. You need RMB. You give G or I give RMB first. This transaction can only be solved by integrity, otherwise it is possible to be deceived. The same is true of people selling some cards, and both parties must be honest.

  4. Selling G coins, hanging orders on 5173, or receiving in the game (but be careful when trading).
    or with a G coin collection card, and then contact the person who bought some cards, you can buy a card on Taobao and other people.

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