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  1. Yes, the "Bading World APP" is suspected of illegal fundraising and MLM, and the company has been included in the operating abnormal list. "Bading World" was officially launched in September 2018. On December 19, "Babing World" issued a statement on Weibo that the platform members reached 10 million.
    The company's labeling as: Shandong Tianxia IoT Information Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter inquired about the national corporate credit information publicity system found that on November 21, the company was unable to get in touch with the company through the registration residence or operating place. The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of the Hong Kong Economic and Technological Development Zone is included in the list of operations.
    On the afternoon of November 25, the reporter called the Weihai City Administration for Industry and Commerce. The staff said that the "Batshing World" project may be suspected of illegal fundraising and pyramid schemes. The local public security department has filed a case for investigation.
    The expansion information:
    The Article 7 of the State Council of the State Council in accordance with the prohibition of MLM regulations. The following behaviors are MLM:
    1. Organizers or operators require developers to send other personnel to join. (Including material rewards and other economic benefits, the same below), obtain illegal interests;
    2, organizers or operators require the development of fees for developers by developing personnel or submit it in disguise for subscribed products to obtain the additional fees and get joining. Those who develop other personnel to join the qualifications and obtain illegal interests;
    3, organizers or operators require developers to develop other personnel to join, forming an upper and offline relationship, and the sales performance of the following line is calculated based on calculations. And pay for online remuneration and obtain illegal interests.
    If according to my country's prohibition of MLM regulations, the bonus system and the prohibition of MLM regulations in the Bhanda World model have conflicts.
    Reference information: Phoenix.com- "Batshop World" APP is suspected of MLM


  2. For fake, I was deceived 999 yuan. The world is too fuck to be shameless. In the later period, the reasons for the compassion will be limited to your withdrawal. The formal impression, then draw the time to run, the thief is old! Do n’t play such similar software in the future, it ’s all costumes

  3. I was a friend who pulled me into the world. I paid 999 yuan and 99 yuan. I asked for advertising in the circle of friends every day. I could n’t mention a penny.

  4. I was deceived two 999 yuan and two 99 yuan. He also fucks for more than half a year for them for free, and has not seen a penny so far. Damn and breath.

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