Is the world reliable in the world?

I feel good if I have been in contact a few days ago. I have any suggestions for me

5 thoughts on “Is the world reliable in the world?”

  1. There is no problem at present, the daily commissions will be on time, and the withdrawal is available. After half a month

  2. To reveal the situation below the scam, it is necessary to say that the screen is very uncomfortable. 99 and 999 two -time payment of life revenue is now changed to use 30 days and 60 days. You can't earn money. The withdrawal of 200 and multiplier, the 7 -day checkout, the three -day receipt is not allowed. The platform and the monthly false public welfare day will not give the task money, and the system maintenance cannot be done. , Last Philippines, this time in Shanghai, maybe the moon will be the next time, so it is normal for 21 to 24 days to earn advertising fees. No one can make money by An An of the current dominant screens.

    Capacity Calculation:
    99 yuan Members 22 days per month 86 yuan per day, 176 yuan, so you ca n’t mention the money, you have to pay 99 yuan to next month, with 10% withdrawal The fees of the handling fee
    [(22 × 8) × 2-99 × 2] × 90%= 138
    two earning 138
    How many earns 138 ÷ 44 days = 3 yuan

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