A profound truth, it may be a deeper truth

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  1. Please confirm the following two points before reading:

    This does not involve any investment suggestions, any investment is risky, and all your investment is the result of your own choice;

    I personally hold a certain number of digital assets, please note that my words may have an inappropriate tendency.

    recently listened to the “Winter Wu Classmate Association”. Coins cannot replace currency

    Thismu classmate link: http://www.qingting.fm/Channels/217812/PROGRAMS/8301241

    I think there are, and it can even be said that each one is reflecting the facts, and it is even really happening.

    The so -called unsafe here is actually if you lose your wallet’s private key and 12 aid words, then the assets in your wallet are gone.

    The same, if you write the wrong address when you send a virtual currency, then your assets are gone.

    Remember, this is really gone (the probability is almost zero). You cannot ask for help from the bank after the bank card password is lost or the wrong transfer in real life.

    The virtual currency uses distributed bookkeeping, unlike a line, a centralized bookkeeping.

    people often say that the currency circle is one day and the stock market is one year.

    is the volatility of the virtual currency that emphasizes the virtual currency.

    If the fluctuation of Bitcoin is so large, how can it be denominated through it?

    You 0.1 Bitcoin you sell today will become 0.05 tomorrow. You feel happy when you rise, but if you fall? 0.2 Bitcoin tomorrow, what can you do?

    and Bitcoin is still priced through USDT and Bitcny because they are stable.

    has a saying that 40%of Bitcoin exists in 1,000 accounts.

    Is we know that the top of the top of a listed company in the stock market wants to be publicized, but who is holding 40%of the Bitcoin is not yet known.

    . The price of virtual currencies may be manipulated maliciously.

    . For example, if you issue 1 billion yuan in a certain currency, you only go to the transaction, the remaining 999,999,999 are held in your hands, then the currency circulating coin Buying 1 yuan is a 1 billion rich man. Buying 10 yuan is a billionaire. You are the richest man in the world.

    The market value may be so much, but can you really sell these 999,999,999 tokens?

    is also doubtful in the authenticity of the market value. After all, those big households, such as Bitcoin founder, Nakamoto’s 500,000 bitcoin, have not been moved so far.

    people often say that the value of Bitcoin comes from people’s faith in mathematics and trust in cryptography and new technologies.

    . Although there is no way to overthrow the mathematical theorem at all, technology innovation is constantly evolving and never stops.

    Perbritish Bitcoin technology is more advanced 5 to 10 years ago, but now it is completely unable to meet the actual needs. Especially its 2M loan has been widely criticized.

    This is the reason why IFO (Bitcoin Bullet) appears endlessly.

    is the constant challenge to old technology.

    Maku capital (the company recognized by the industry through long -term stable high returns) thinks that the founder’s words are in place -financial white, pursuing risks, and delusion.

    Finally, Teacher Liang Dong and Teacher Wu Bofan told everyone through Buffett that the vision of the so -called World Bank of Bitcoin could not be achieved at all. (Bitcoin is more as a storage tool now)

    The discussion seems to be aimed at Bitcoin, but it is like you can not mention Bitcoin in the blockchain. Can’t help but mention the blockchain. In other words, if you can prove through evidence that Bitcoin cannot replace the fiat currency today, and the World Bank is a lie, then you can inertia the blockchain industry as a lie.

    The logic is obviously misunderstanding.

    The Internet development was also extremely crazy in the early days. Even the Internet foam appeared. The breakdown of the foam took away a large number of companies, even if those early giants.

    did it after that? However, the rapid development of the Internet industry has emerged, and a large number of high -quality companies have emerged.

    The blockchain industry is the same. You can’t deny its value because of the defects of Bitcoin itself. Picasso’s paintings also want to be the same as Bitcoin. Low liquidity, a large number of owners do not sell, and backward technology, but this does not affect its auction price to continue to create new highs.

    The huge value of the blockchain industry is to reduce the cost of credit and complete many things that the real world cannot achieve.

    Plogs in the 2017 New Year’s lecture have mentioned that 2017 is an efficient year. Whether it is the express delivery industry, the food delivery industry, or even the bus on the bus, they all want to the first time they want to want to be the first time. Send everything you need to you.

    So can the blockchain improve the efficiency of the real world?

    The answer is -inevitable!

    (MDS, the first blockchain mutual assisted guarantee contract) can reduce the operating cost of insurance, all claims can be automatically carried out on the blockchain, you used to think of establishing in a country like Africa before Mutual assistance and mutual assistance to ensure the business, where to establish a complete payment system like Alipay. Now with the blockchain, you don’t need to do this at all;
    A product with a real estate blockchain) can reduce the operating costs and transaction efficiency of the real estate industry, so that the invalid market of real estate (cannot reflect supply and demand in time) is more effective;

    theTa (RBC) can The development bandwidth problem in developing countries, reduce the price of CDN (content distribution network), solve the inefficient video ecosystem, increase the transparency of advertisers, KOL (Opinion Leaders), and user trilogy;

    … ..

    Please remember that the blockchain can really solve the problems in real life and improve the efficiency of the real world.

    If this new technology can really improve efficiency and change the quality of human life, then its value is beyond doubt.

    It you can’t question the existence of the entire value Internet system because of the realization of the largest application of its current largest application and various problems.

    Please keep in mind

    This Nobel Prize in Physics, Niels Poor, said, “The opposite of a deep truth may be a deeper truth.”

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