I heard that Thailand’s NaRaya bag, silk scarf, fragrant, ivory key pendant and the like are good. I want to ask what the price is.

If you buy it on the stall, how much can you cut the price about about? What else is cheap and beautiful, please recommend it, please tell me, please use the RMB unit to explain it! Otherwise, I will faint. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “I heard that Thailand’s NaRaya bag, silk scarf, fragrant, ivory key pendant and the like are good. I want to ask what the price is.”

  1. That NaRaya bag is very cheap for selling Thailand. It cannot be bargain because there are specialty stores, but now it will be 10 % off for 5,000 baht (about 1,000 yuan). NARAYA has the most stores in Bangkok. In the store in Center World, I personally think that the style is relatively complete, the price is 25 baht (about 5 yuan) to 550 baht (about 110 yuan) There are many, so there will be two or so -speaking shopping guides in the store. If the silk scarf looks like what you want to buy, you can usually have 100 baht (20 yuan) in the middle range. The aromatherapy is one baht, and the small box with aroma is 5 baht. The ivory key chain is 80 baht (about 16 yuan). It is recommended to buy it in the night market. If in Bangkok, there is a supper market near Chinatown every Friday to Sunday morning. It is cheap to go to the weekend market in Bangkok. Chiang Mai and Chiang Lai also have relatively large night markets. The weekend market in Chiang Mai is Sunday, and Saturday is on Saturday, but there are usually night markets called Night Buza. Two baht (4 yuan) per person is here.

  2. I just came back from Thailand. You do n’t buy these small things in kingpower. If you go with the group, see if the trip will go to Dragon Tiger Garden. The Bangkok bag there is cheap. NaRaya bags between 40 and 100. I think the cheapest thing for buying small things is in the small stalls on the seaside of Pattaya. I bought there 12 50 pockets there. 250 yuan, exactly the same. You can do your best on the stalls in Thailand. Those who do not understand Chinese can use computer to compare. Thai people are very polite. By the way, you must buy L’Oreal when you go to duty -free shops. The price is super cheap. A bottle of toner sells more than 40 yuan.

  3. The Thai bag sold in the stall is not a NARAYA brand. In fact, if you do not pursue a brand, you can go to the stall to buy it, but if you get a gift, you still have specialty stores or MBK. repeated. You can take a taxi or tukou (Tuktuk), it is best to ask the previous price (Thai Center World Tao RAI KA?), If you think it is expensive, you can say that you want the price and bargain. You may not be a person. I advise you to go to the airport duty-free shop to turn around before returning to China. There are many small jewelry at the King Power at the duty-free shop at Suwangnap Airport in Bangkok. Looks inside. But to see if it is Thai Silk, that is, Thai, the price is marked. Because some silk scarves are cotton and Thai, wool Thai is not necessarily.

    For the market, the weekend market is dumb (JAJA), 5 stars, only open on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, it is also on Monday to Thursday, but it is small and there is no weekend. If the time is limited, it is half a day or a day, usually from the morning to 6 o’clock in the morning. There are dozens of districts. In fact, I did n’t visit a few districts for a day, which was super big. You can buy special products from all over the country in Thailand. As long as you can visit, you can buy any fun and delicious foods, but you are very tired and hot ~ Remember to bargain! Intersection

    Yaowarat Road, 4 stars, 2-3 hours, Chinatown, many golden shops, products from China, cashews and other dry goods, you can go to the store in the evening, and then It will become a food street at night, you can eat bird’s nest and various Thai food.

    It hope to help you.

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