What does rating coin mean

What does rating coin mean

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  1. In other words, rating coins are some professional coin collection assessment agencies based on the appearance of coins, authenticity, etc. through the identification of experts, according to the corresponding scoring standards, to give relatively accurate, objective scores, and packaged with rating boxes. coin. Because these coins have been identified, for some novices Xiaobai who collects coins, you can avoid stepping on many pits and truly realizing it.
    This information: Why is rating currency worth collecting?
    From the current price of coin transactions, the vast majority of coins rose after the ACG Aizang rating. Once the coin obtains a higher score, the price is several times or more than ten times. The value preservation effect is obvious, and the decline is smaller
    The value preservation effect is obvious. For example, in 1980 10 yuan, the price of naked coins in 2019 fell compared with 2018. The price of Aizang rating coins did not fall, but it increased compared to 2018.
    . The premium is obvious. The higher the score, the higher the premium
    . After the 70th anniversary banknote is rated by Aizang, the premium is 153 %;
    is also the 70th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of the tail number leopard 888 After the banking rated by Aizang, the premium was 68 %.
    The better coin rating company in China has public blog rating companies, Huaxia rating companies, Nanjing Pahen Reliable Rating Company, Anhui Yichen Rating Company, Beijing Public Expo Rating Company.
    1. Public blog rating company, the public blog rating company was founded by the well -known collector and the author of the “Chinese Copper Monetaria”. widely accepted.
    2, Huaxia rating company, founded by Huaxia Guquan.com, is ranked first -class industry with the public blog rating. It is said that its testing instrument adopts the world’s leading level and has a slightly higher status in the minds of the top collectors than the public blog rating. Essence However, the market promotion is significantly lagging, and in the minds of ordinary Quanyou, the status is inferior to the public blog rating.
    3, Nanjing Benca Rating Company, it started late and was established in the past two years, but it quickly occupied the market through a series of commercial operations and discounts. The characteristics are relatively strict. It is not that the coins that open the door are suspected to return and do not receive rating fees, but their rating scores are temporarily recognized by Quanyou. Polymers are considered to be the fastest and fastest rating company in the past two years.
    4, Anhui Yichen Rating Company, for postal card enthusiasts and collectors, the postal card Yichen.com is no longer familiar, because it is exactly the exchange of buyers and sellers of postal card cards Interactive platforms, as long as those who are interested in the postal card will know the postal card one dust net. In this website, we can learn about the daily market dynamics and relevant information of the postal card, and you can also find the postal currency collection that we want.

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