What is the full name of ifaw

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  1. Ifaw English full name Fund for Animal Welfare, the Chinese name is the International Animal Foundation. The International Animal Foundation is an emergency rescue project established in 1992, which benefits thousands of animals each year. This activity is mainly aimed at school students and young people. All participating schools will get a free VCD and information to introduce the threats that animals suffer in disaster and how rescuers help them. Our association has hosted three common homeland International Animal Action Week activities: L 2000 Emergency Rescue animals from October 8th to 14th, 1 theme discussion debate: Can wild animals be used as pets? Activity 2 Theme Essay: What is the feeling of being closed in the cage? Activity 3 assumes that a disaster happens around you, many animals are affected, and a press release for local newspapers. Activity 4 Design a segment of 50 words of public welfare advertisements. l In 2001, he used scientifically to save animals on October 15-21. Event 2 opposes the so -called “scientific whaling” petition activity 3 postcard design contest. l In 2002, the descendants of future generations protection whale October 15-29 Activity 1 “Refusing Wild Animal” Ideological Propaganda Day Activities 2 Common Home Theme Symposium 3

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