Is the carbon neutral and APP investment reliable?

3 thoughts on “Is the carbon neutral and APP investment reliable?”

  1. First of all, “Carbon Dafeng” and “Carbon neutralization” constitute an important long -term investment opportunity. It is important to constitute an important element of the energy revolution with “carbon extension”, “carbon neutral” and new energy development, low -carbon new materials. At present, the direction goals are determined, the action timetable is clear, and long -term investment opportunities are appeared.

    Secondly, investors blindly invest in the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization” stocks. Many investors feel tall as soon as they hear the “carbon peaks” and “carbon neutrality”, blindly buying the concept stocks of the hearsay. This method has been repeatedly proved to be a low -win investment method in history.

    . Finally, the investment method suitable for “carbon peaks” and “carbon neutrality” is professional configuration and satellite configuration. It should be said that “Carbon Dafeng” and “Carbon neutralization” brings huge investment opportunities such as new energy, new energy vehicles, new materials, traditional energy consumption industries, environmental protection, etc., but in these industries, some of them will achieve success. Human bones are withered, some fluctuate, and some need extremely professional research.

    It, the relevant theme is a long -term theme. Fund with an investment comprehensive style is a key investment in core assets. If you want to invest in the theme of “Carbon Dafeng”, you can use some funds to invest in satellite. The relatively good smooth satellite asset fluctuates.

    It, whether it is the Energy Revolution or the Science and Technology Revolution, the capital market needs to be the hub. In the face of many long -term opportunities, we may need to be more patient with the capital market.

    The index funds related to the Energy Revolution include ETFs or theme funds containing “carbon neutral”, “new energy”, “new energy battery”, “new energy car”, “photovoltaic”, Investors can screen the configuration.

  2. no.
    “Yunhui carbon neutrality is not a regular platform, not legal, and it is not recognized by the state. If you involve money, you need to be cautious and beware of being deceived. Stay away from irregular platforms and stay away from the so -called analysts to bring orders. The victims who are already unfortunately caught should choose a regular and powerful legal counseling company to legally restore their losses without disturbing the platform and the teacher. As long as there is a hopes, our company will do our best to restore your losses! I hope that all investors will invest cautiously from now on, pay attention to distinguish illegal platforms! Investors who have been deceived cannot sit and wait, they must immediately maintain it in a legal way to maintain it in a legal way. Rights and interests. “

  3. 1. From the name of the name, this belongs to the hot spot, unlike the naming style of a regular trading platform.
    2, the regular trading platform is generally encompasbrated, and it will never be limited to a certain corner.
    3, not recommended to intervene, stay away.

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