What is the name of playing a game that is very similar to the simulation city on ipad?

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  1. Is it a virtual city? Intersection
    The following is the home that can be introduced in this game.

    The game name of the game name: virtual city

    Name: virtual city

    game production: game

    game distribution:
    > Game

    game language: English

    R n
    Published date: December 15, 2009

    [Game profile]

    The important thing is that you do your best to make the best urban construction and management. Whether it is to provide a residence for homeless people, as well as improving the city’s medical system, or maintaining the environmental protection of the city. Build your dream city

    -Paradise residential area or industrial center. Establish residential and industrial buildings, produce products and provide their shopping malls. The civic park, cinema and stadium adopted by the collective transportation system.

    In helping you to be a better garbage recovery, increase the hospital and fire station, plant trees, upgrade buildings, and make it more environmentally friendly. The happiness of citizens has launched spectacular public activities. The construction of the iconic buildings of the surrounding urban trade, complete the docks, railway stations, and spacecraft launches. Help cities that are trapped back to the consequences of prosperity, economic downturn, population crisis and natural disasters. Realize the key parameters of your success: time, income, environment, population, and happiness.

    It you must formulate some favorable policies in the city to force people to care more about existing cities. Of course, through your efforts, the city will gradually develop some taxes to increase, but it is better or even better. You must invest more to the research and development of new public buildings. Your heart in the city. Here’s your main goal is to build an ideal city cute, but everything is not satisfactory, because some natural disasters, it will hinder you to achieve your goal. Therefore, how to overcome all difficulties, you still have to test your difficulties, or test your you Manage wisdom.

    -Set up 50 challenges at 5: Colorado, California, Michigan, Mongolian, New York
    n -18 distinct task environment

    – Free playback mode 5 major sand box maps-

    50 various types of buildings

    -25 kinds of products

    – 7 Production chain

    -16 to get special achievements
    -tens of thousands of thousands of upgrades and unlock buildings

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