The appearance characteristics of the bichon dog

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  1. Ears are sagging and hidden in long and flowing hair. The position of the ears is slightly higher than the eyes and in a relatively advanced position. Black or dark brown eyes, black or very designed brown skin around the eyes, the eye circles itself is black.
    The length ratio of the mouth to the head is very well -proportioned. The black lips are delicate but not drooping. The muscles of the thighs are developed and the distance is slightly wider. The front drive is easy to stretch, and the rear drive is powerful. There are many feathers on the tail, the position of the tail is flat and the back line is flat, and the gentle roll is behind the back.

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    The dog’s body structure: Like most meat mammalia, dogs have powerful muscles, dog’s circulating system can be able to Provide diseases and durable physical strength. Dog teeth are suitable for arrests, bite and bite movements.
    The bones of dogs are suitable for running and jumping. Although human fertility control of dogs has changed many types of appearance, all dogs still save basic characteristics from their ancestors. The dog’s shoulder bone is separated (like humans lack clavicle), which allows them to have greater ate in running and jumping. The dogs walk with the front legs and hind legs, and most of the upper claws of the dog’s front leg have been degraded.
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  2. The standard bisder shoulder height is between 9.5-11.5 inches and weighs about 7 kg. The eyes are round, black, or dark brown, the ears are drooping, hidden in long and flowing hair, the tone is very well -proportioned, the length of the tone and the head of the head is 3: 4, the nasal mirror is prominent, and it is always black, the bite -shaped bite, the entire entire bite, the whole whole The head is slightly round.
    This of the neck of the Bear dog and always proudly up, the neck is smoothly incorporated into the scapula, and the entire backline level is except for straight, muscle -developed and arched waist. The chest of Bear dogs is relatively developed. The lowest point of the chest can be extended to the elbow. The front chest is very obvious. The length of the scapula and the upper arm bone is roughly equal.
    The foot pads of Bear dogs are black. The toenails are generally controlled in a relatively short state. The angle of the thighs is appropriate, and the muscles are developed and the distance is slightly wider. The feet claws are tight and round, a bit like cat’s claws, and the foot claws directly point forward. The tail position of the Bear dog is flat and the back line is flat, and the back is gently rolled behind.
    The hair of curly white hair than bears. The bottom hair is soft and very dense. The outer hair is mostly coarse hair, and it is slightly curly and the texture is also harder. The hair of the Bear Dog is mainly white, but there are light yellow, cheese or apricot shadows on its ears or body. However, as long as the other hair color on the Big Bargin does not exceed 10%of the total number of coats, it is acceptable.

    [Size, proportional and structure] Size-the height is 24.1 ~ 29.2 cm, and the particularly excellent ones can be relaxed to 22.8–30.5 cm. This height limit is not suitable for puppies.
    If this size range, but it is proven to be a very good individual, allowing appropriately relax the standard. But in any case, shoulder height should not exceed 12 inches or less than 9 inches. The lowest shoulder high standard is not suitable for puppies.
    The body ratio
    The body length (from the front of the chest to the last point of the hip) is about 1/4 than the shoulder height. The distance from the shoulder to the shoulder to the chest is about 1/2 from the distance from the horse shoulder to the ground. Skeleton structure: compact, well -proportioned, medium bone mass. It does not look rough nor slender.

    gentle and observed, sensitive, naughty, and love. A pleasant attitude is the characteristic of this variety, and it is easy to be satisfied because of small things.
    The head 1. The expression is soft, deep eyes, dull, curious and vigilant. 2, round eyes, black or dark brown.
    is facing the front. Excessive or protruding eyes, almond eyes and skewed eyes are defects. There must be black or very dark brown skin around the eyes around the eyes, which can highlight the eyes and emphasize the expression. The eye circles itself must be black. Insufficient or lack of pigmentation of the eye circles, it produces an obvious defect that produces an expression of no expression or dull expression. The color of the eyes is black or dark brown. 3. Sagid ears, hidden in long and flowing hair. If the ears are pulled in the direction of the nasal mirror, the length of the auricle can extend to the middle of the tone. The position of the ears is slightly higher to the horizontal line of the eyes, and the head is relatively high. So when he was alert, his ears became part of the face. 4. The head [head] expression -soft and deep eyes, showing a curious and sensitive expression. The round eyes are black or dark brown, looking straight ahead. Eyes are too large, protruding, almond eyes or chicken eyes are all defects. The skin of the eyes is black or dark brown, which increases the expression of the face, and the eye edge itself is also black. When the pigment is incomplete or lack of pigmentation, it makes the dog look dull, which is definitely a defect. The color of the eyes has other colors other than black and dark brown, and it is also defective. The ears are drooping, and the soil surface is covered with long hair. When the drooping part of the ear is facing the kiss, it can extend to the center of the kiss. The ears are slightly higher than the horizontal part of the eye, close to the front of the orbital bone. When the dog is alert, the ears also constitute a part of the facial expression. The orbital is slightly round, which is the eyeball of the round front vision. The head is slightly protruding. The length of the depression from the nose to the kiss is 3/5 from the depression of the kiss to the pillow. From the corners of the eyes and noses on both sides, the lines are connected separately, forming an approximate edge triangle. The nose is protruding, black, the lips are also black, the edges are sharp, and it will not fall. 5. The tone is very well -proportioned head, the length of the tone and the head of the head is 3: 4, the length of the tone is from the nasal mirror to the stop, and the length of the head is from the stop to the back pillow bone. The dotted line connected by the outer corner and the tip of the nose just forms an equivalent triangle. The outline below the eyes is slightly clear. But not too much, but form a weak or sharp front face. The lower jaw is strong. 6. Nasal mirror is prominent and always black. Lips: black, exquisite, but not drooping. 7, bite cut -like bite. The protruding occlusion of the upper jaw or the jaw protruding occlusion is a serious defect. The teeth that bended or not a line are allowed, but the lack of teeth is a serious defect.
    It trunk 1. Neck [neck, back line, and trunk] neck bow shaped, slender, supporting high leaning head, connecting back to the shoulder. The length of the neck from the pillow to the shoulder is about 1/3 from the front chest to the hip. There is a small bow shape in the back of the back, with a small bow in the thickness of the waist muscles. The chest of the trunk develops well and the thoraco is wide, which makes the two forelopstands flexible. The lowest point of the chest extends to the elbow, the ribs are slightly protruding, and the abdomen is extended back. The abdomen is short and the muscles are rich. The front chest stretches forward along the shoulder joint, and the middle line of the abdomen is properly undulating. The tail is rich in hair, and the tail roots and back line levels. Due to curling, the hair on the tail can be carried on the back. Dogs drooping tails, or tails who are upturned on the back should be eliminated, and the tail like a cock is also a serious defect.
    [Ahead] The length of the scapula, the upper arm and the forearm bone is almost equal. The shoulder is 45 degrees. The upper arm extends backwards, and the elbow is just directly below the shoulder when observing from the side. The leg bone is developing medium, standing upright, and there is no protruding or bending on the forearm and wrists. The elbows and torso are close. There is a slope at the palm and vertical. The fingers can be removed, the foot is round, the connection is tight, like a cat foot, and the back stretch between the back limbs when traveling. The foot pads are black and the claws are slightly short.
    [Houxiang] The hind limbs are also developing medium, with a bow -shaped leg, rich muscle, wider. The length of the upper and lower parts of the hind legs is almost equal, and the knee joint is connected. The hind limbs are perpendicular to the foot pad and the ground, the hanging toes can be removed, the feet are round, the toes are tightly connected, and the foot pads are black. 2. Backline levels, except for straight, muscular and arched waist. Body: The chest is quite developed, and the width allows the forelimb to be free and unrestrained. The lowest point of the chest can be extended to the elbow. The ribs are properly supported and extended back to a short and muscle -developed waist. The front chest is very obvious, and the shoulder joint is slightly protruding forward. The lower abdomen curve is moderately mentioned. 3. There are many hairs in the tail. The position of the tail is flat with the back line, and the hair is gently rolled behind the back, so the hair on the tail is leaning behind the back. When the tail stretches towards the head, it can at least reach the middle of the horse shoulders. The tail position is low, the tail lifts to the vertical position from the back, or the drooping of the tail backward is a serious defect. The spiral tail is a very serious defect. 4. The scapula of scapula is roughly equal to the length of the upper arm. The scapula is tilted backwards, about 45 degrees. The upper arm bone extends backwards, observing from the side, so that the elbow can be just below the horse shoulders. 5. The forelimb bone is medium; the forearm and wrist can neither be bow -shaped nor bending. Cycotic bone: In contrast to vertical lines, it is slightly inclined. Wolf claws can be removed. 6, the feet claws are tight and round, similar to the so -called cat foot, point directly to the forward, neither bending inward nor outward. 7. Black foot pad. Toenail: Control in a relatively short state. 8. The angle of the thighs is appropriate, the muscles are developed, and the distance is slightly wider. The length of the thighs in the first section is roughly equal to the length of the thighs, which are combined in a moderate bending knee joint. From the flying festival to the foot of the foot claws, the hind legs are completely vertical on the ground. Wolf claws can be removed. The feet are tight and round, and the foot pads are black.
    If, the texture of the texture is the most important. The bottom hair is soft and thick, the outer layer is thick, slightly hard and curled. The combination of the two hair, when touching, produces a soft and strong feeling, and the feeling of being shot is as elastic as long plush or velvet. After bathing and brushing, Mao stood on his body, and a puff effect was produced as a whole. The hair of the rigidity is not needed. The soft quilt, silk, and hair, which is posted on the body by Mao Ping, or the lack of bottom hair is a very serious defect. Pruning: Mao needs to be trimmed to display the natural curve of the body. All parts are rounded and cannot be cut too short. It looks too trimmed or shows the appearance of the square. The head decoration, beard, ears and tails keep a longer length. The long hair of the head is trimmed into a round appearance. The back line is trimmed into a horizontal shape, and the hair must be kept enough to maintain the puff shape of the variety. 2. The color of the color is white, and there are light yellow, cheese or apricot shadows around the ears or on the body. The other colors of mature individuals exceed 10%of the total number of hair, which is defective. But these allowed colors on the puppies are not defective.

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