5 thoughts on “Qinhuangdao Dog City”

  1. It's still a pet shop near the foreign flowers. In fact, near Hua Lian can't be called a dog market, it is just a random can encounter a few varieties, and there are more skewers ~ even if there are pure dogs, on the stalls, the stalls are on the stalls. The dogs dare not buy it, even if there is a problem with the money, it is even more uncomfortable to see the dog's life.
    M my toy VIP was bought by a pet shop on the street outside the foreign flower door. In order to prevent the suspicion of advertising, the name of the store will not be said. The parents who can see the dogs are at the bottom of the year of the dog's birth. If you have any problems in the process of raising, you can call the owner to consult. The shop is rest assured ~

    The foreign flowers seem to be able to get in the 2nd bus. There are pet shops in it, and the breeds of dogs and cats are good ~
    Everyday pets at the door of foreign flowers There is a nest last week, can you inquire ~ Do you have to sell it? Intersection I don’t know, I haven't seen it ~

  2. It is recommended that you take a taxi to the foreign flower market in Qinhuangdao (because the bus is relatively cheap if the bus is not driving in the city) is surrounded by pet shops that should have the baby dog ​​you want!

  3. Take a car to Hua Lian to the main entrance of Hua Lian to the west of about a hundred meters, but there are not many dogs and if you want to buy a good suggestion, you still go to a reputable pet store quality ensure

  4. It seems that there is no dog market. I rarely buy a dog. It ’s until the afternoon. You can go to the Second Middle School Hutong to see it. It’ s about to be a pet shop for pets. Ah, there are pets in Yangyang flowers, but how much you can talk about bargaining, you can see it outside

  5. There are no fixed time for retail investors that sell dogs there
    . There are many pet supplies shops next to the hutongs next to foreign flowers in the afternoon. After getting off the car, towards Hua Lian
    The left to the left to the first small intersection to see the one that can see McDonald's
    Then there is the dog market nearby

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