Common skin diseases of dogs: allergic skin disease treatment methods

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  1. The cause of allergic dermatitis:
    1. Internal, genetic, hormone abnormalities and allergic constitutions.
    2. Exogenous, seasonal and non -seasonal environmental factors. Inhale pollen, dust, wool, etc., eat foods, ham, milk and other foods. In addition, some drug injection drugs, mosquito bites, internal and external parasites, pathogen infections, and physical and chemical factors may be the cause of allergic dermatitis.
    1-3-year-old dogs have more allergic skin diseases. At the beginning of the initial, the main affecting parts are around the eyes, between toes, underarms, groin, perineum, and waist back. The diseased dogs are mainly manifested in severe itching, erythema and swelling, and some have pimples, scales and hair removal. In the process of long -term diseases, pigmentation, thickening of the skin, moss formation and wrinkles may occur. The chronic itching is less or disappeared, but some diseases are more than one year.

    The symptoms of allergic dermatitis in dogs:
    The main symptoms of dog allergic dermatitis are rash and itching. Pharmaceutical allergies often occur in clinical practice, such as subcutaneous injection of vitamin calcium, vitamin K1, K3, intravenous injection of Youttuynia cordata, which can cause symptoms such as rash, saliva, eye, lip or abdomen, itching, and animal scratching.
    If food allergies are common in dogs. Food allergies are also allergic reactions, and food composition needs to be changed to overcome the symptoms of skin falling and itching.

    How how to treat dog allergic dermatitis
    It can consider Niger ~ Anchy Fast beef ingots, take it with Nibel external spray, specific treatment methods also need to consult Pet doctor.
    above is the entire content of the treatment of dog allergic skin diseases. Skin disease often seriously affects the quality of life of dogs. Therefore, when you find that dogs have skin diseases, they should be sent to pet hospitals or consulting online pets. doctor.

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