What is the most useful for dogs to eat calcium deficiency

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  1. Dogs are generally used for calcium deficiency:
    . Feeding calcium -rich foods
    Pet owners must first consider buying some high -quality and high calcium content of dog food As a staple food.
    Secondly, you can prepare more foods rich in calcium, such as common shrimp skin and egg yolk, etc. These have very good effects. In addition, you can also match some fresh fruits and vegetables to help dogs supplement a variety of vitamin nutrients and promote the dog to better absorb calcium.
    . Exercise appropriately, enjoy the sun bath
    In order to promote the dog to better absorb calcium, the pet owner needs to take some time, bring the dogs to walk out for a walk, and sunbathing. The warm sunshine can not only promote the blood circulation of the dog’s body, promote the metabolism more normal, but also better promote the absorption of calcium nutrition of dog bones.
    , pay attention to the time of the sun, and add more water to the dog.
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  2. Calcium supplementation can be supplemented with calcium supplements like this. However, my family has appeared O -type legs. Emergency calcium supplementation of bone sipin beef ingot. This effect is fast. Slowly is also correcting the shape of the leg, because this has the effect of strong bones.

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