How long is the dog’s pregnancy period

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  1. Generally, the dog’s pregnancy period is 58 to 65 days (average 63 days). When the bitch is pregnant for nearly 60 days, the signs of production will gradually appear:

    1. The bitch begins to stand upset and keep using it constantly. Grab the floor and cushion in the front foot, and there will be a movement that wants to make nests, bite old clothes or toys.

    2. Most bitch does not eat within 24 hours before production, anorexia, reduced appetite, and almost no food at all, indicating that the baby baby is born very close. Or just pick a small amount of food you love to eat; some will vomit slightly before production,

    The number of excretion becomes frequent and soft stools.

    3. The body temperature of the bitch will gradually decrease. The closer to the production, the lower the production. It may drop to about 36 ° C 24 hours before production. Generally, the above signs will produce, and the dog mother will produce in about a day, and must be prepared at any time. The bitch who is about to give birth will continue to turn back and forth, the back is arched, and the abdomen will become larger, and the phenomenon of force and pain.

    usually appears above. The dog mother will produce in about a day. The owner must arrange a quiet place for the dog.

  2. The standard time for dogs is 60 days. Generally, the pregnancy time will be around 57-63 days, and there are some differences. Under normal circumstances, two to three days before production, dogs will have a sign of production of laying nests. At this time, they must provide them with a sufficiently quiet and suitable environment for production. If there are no signs of production after 63 days, it is recommended to take a pet hospital for examination

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