1 thought on “Why do dogs like to eat bones”

  1. Dogs like to eat bones because of nature, and they can relieve boredom.
    The dogs evolved from the wolf, so the dogs are very similar to the wolf. And the bones are one of the nature of the wolf, so the dogs naturally like to be stubborn. Until now, bones are no longer the existence of dog food, but this nature can never change.
    It is to relieve boring. If you only have a dog in your house, then when the dog is boring, the owner is gone, and he will definitely find something to do. Some dogs will break the house, but when there is a bone, the dog likes to bones.
    The benefits of dog bones:
    The dog's teeth are very hard. It may shatter the bones, and the bone can help the dog supplement calcium, so the dog is sufficient I will like 头 就.
    The bones are relatively hard. The dog bite can remove the stones on the teeth and prevent periodontal disease and bad breath. And can also train the dog's bite force, which helps to kill the prey, so the dog likes to bones so much. In addition, in addition to bones, dogs can also buy some hard and hard chicken jerky, which can also help the dog to molars to remove the bad breath.

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