How to care after shaving with pets?

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  1. Dogs shaving

    The weather becomes hot. In order to make pet cats and dogs cooler, many owners choose to shave their pet cats and dogs. From our own perspective, it is good. Not only can time save pets solve the problem of fearing heat. But as pets, do you know what they think? Today, I will take everyone to see what the pets will react after shaving.
    1. Erad
    The pets love their hair very much. If you cut it for it, you will lose your temper and even attack the person who wants to plunder it.
    It solving countermeasures: If this is the case, you want to cut hair for pets. It is recommended to find people who specialize in pet beauty to solve it. Will be angry with you.
    . Depression
    S some pet trimming hair, especially shaving, even shaved, and even shaved. I feel that the hair is very different from the original. Falling down and hiding alone in the corner, whoever called it couldn’t come out, and he was even unwilling to go out.
    In solution to countermeasures: If the owner does not know that his baby will have this reaction after being trimmed, and shave it, then you have to wait for it to turn this bend. Remember not to give it again in the future. It is shaved!
    3. Infutexation
    It pets feel like shaving as if they have been shaved with sterilization surgery. I do n’t like to contact my familiar partners when I go out to walk, walking on my own.
    It solving countermeasures: The owner does not have to worry, stroke more to comfort your dogs, and keep praising it with a gentle tone, and to play with it more. If you do n’t want to go out to walk, do n’t force it to pull it out. In fact, the pets have grown quickly. It can grow in a few days. At that time, the dog’s emotions would naturally improve.

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