Is the dog always eating meat? What is the harm of dogs eating too much meat?

2 thoughts on “Is the dog always eating meat? What is the harm of dogs eating too much meat?”

  1. Not good

    In not to mention whether the meat of the meat is balanced. If the dog eats meat for a long time, it also has a large hidden danger for their mouth. Stomach breath is the most obvious example. Although there are many proteins in the meat, they lack vitamins and iodine, and the meat has many phosphorus and few calcium.

    If always eat meat, puppies will affect the formation of bones because the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the body is not coordinated. Feed a lot of meat, otherwise it will cause the forelimb to bend.

    The correct diet should be eaten with dog food. You can feed them some meat. Of course, the mouth must be cleaned in time to avoid the meat stuck in the teeth. Moch quality in the mouth. In addition, during the period of dog puppies, some pets should be eaten appropriately, supplementing a variety of calcium, 8 vitamins, and 12 trace elements to prevent future bone problems.

    This meat is not good for dogs, and it is just that if you eat carnivores, your body’s nutrition does not meet the requirements. It may often cause a series of diseases, so thousands of Note.

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