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  1. This is unspeakable. During the incubation period, dogs with rabies virus basically have no obvious symptoms. They eat and drink normally. Occasionally, the murderer phenomenon can be seen, but it is often difficult to distinguish.
    Buy disease is also called water terrorist disease. It is a kind of acute human beast that is mainly caused by rabies virus to infringe the central nervous system. Animals with rabies virus, especially dogs, are the source of infection of the disease.
    mainly spread through bite. Some dogs that seem normal may also carry rabies virus, causing infection to people.
    So to prevent rabies, managing dogs is very important. Family dogs should be vaccinated in time for rabies vaccines. For wild dogs and stray dogs, they must be managed and immune. Disaster animals should also be burned or deeply buried.

  2. Rabies has a latent period, and once the rabies disease develops to death, it is very fast.
    The symptoms before the onset, like to stay in the dark corner, the muscles are trembling, calling the owner dull. Occasionally barking.
    Manic features after the onset, fearing water, accompanied by irritability, barking, no purposeful bite. Go to the pet hospital as soon as possible.
    The acute infectious disease caused by rabies (Rabies) is a rabies virus. Human beasts are common. It is more common in meat animals such as dogs, wolves, and cats. Most people are infected by the sick beast. The clinical manifestations are unique fear of water, fear of wind, pharyngeal muscle spasm, and sexual paralysis. Because the symptoms of fear of water are more prominent, the disease is also known as water disease (). Rabies is a genus of bomb -like virus rabies virus, a single -stock RNA virus, and animals spread the virus through mutual bite. my country's rabies are mainly transmitted by dogs, and domestic dogs can become asymptomatic carriers, so "healthy" dogs on the surface are very harmful to people's health. Regarding the lack of effective treatment methods for rabies, the mortality rate after people suffer from rabies is nearly 100%. Patients generally die from respiratory or cycle failure within 3 to 6 days, so preventive measures should be strengthened.
    1 Disease typing
    The is divided into two types according to clinical symptoms:
    1, mania (typical) is the most common. It is divided into the front-drive period, excitement period, and paralysis period. The front-drive period lasts 1 to 4 days. The excitement period is generally 1-3 days. The duration of the paralysis period is generally 6-18 hours. The entire course of disease is 4 days on average, generally no more than 6 days, and it is rare for more than 10 days.
    2, paralysis (static) is rare. The spinal cord or extension of the medullars is mainly due to the period of excitement and typical water fear of water. Paralysis, such as paraplegia of limbs, upper spinal cord paralysis, etc., and finally died in respiratory muscle paralysis. The course of this type can be longer, about 7-10 days.
    2 Causes of onset
    Rabies are mainly caused by the infection of rabies virus. Rabies virus contains 5 main proteins, namely glycoprotein (G), nucleoprotein (n), polymerase (L), phosphate ( Ns) and membrane protein (m). The combination of glycoprotein with acetylcholine determines the neurosis of the rabies virus, which can stimulate the antibody to produce a protective immune response. The antibodies caused by n protein are not neutral, and the detection of the container can help clinical diagnosis.
    3 Clinical manifestations
    The clinical manifestations of rabies can be divided into four phases.
    1. The incubation period: The shortest length of the incubation period is the shortest 3 days, the maximum of 19 years, and the average average is about 20-90 days.在
    The people infected during the incubation period have no symptoms.
    2. Pre -drive period: The infected person began to experience full -body discomfort, low fever, headache, nausea, tiredness, then fear, irritability and insomnia, sensitivity to sound, light, wind and other stimuli, and throat tightening. Symptoms such as itching, pain, hemp, and ant walking in the healing wounds and its nerve domination areas. This period lasts 2-4 days.
    3. Excited period: It is highly excited, highlighting the extreme horror expression, fear of water, and fear of the wind. The body temperature rises (38-40 degrees), and the characteristics of fear of water are the characteristics of this disease, but not every case. Although typical patients are very thirsty and dare not drink, they can cause severe spasm of the throat when they see water, smell water, drink water, or only mention drinking water. The outside world stimulates such as wind, light, and sound. It can also cause threchy muscle spasm. It can be hoarse, spoken and vomiting, and the ventilator can cause breathing difficulties and hair. Hypertension of sympathetic nerve can be manifested as a large amount of delay, sweating, accelerated heart rate, and increased blood pressure. But the patient's consciousness is more clear, but there are mental disorders and hallucinations. This issue is 1-3 days.
    4. Paralysis period: If the patient can survive the excitement period and live, he will enter the coma period. In this issue, patients are deeply coma, but the symptoms of rabies are no longer obvious. Most patients entering this period enter this period. Death death. Patients are often suffocated because of the spasm of the throat.
    Multiple groups:
    The people are generally susceptible, about 15-30%of the sick dogs, whether the onset after biting is related to the following factors: 1. Bite the location, the head, the upper and the upper limbs of the head, the upper to the upper limb is more. 2. Severe bite, deep and large wounds, and high incidence of bite. 3 After bite, the incidence is low after bite, and the local wound has a low incidence. 4. There are few opportunities for thick clothes. 5. The incidence of the vaccine in time in time is 6. The incidence of low immunization or defects is high.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I am helping you inquire about the relevant information, please wait a while, and reply to you immediatelynAsk if the dog will die within 10 days if the dog has rabiesnAnswer dear, hello, the dogs of rabies, depending on the symptoms, can also be roughly divided into the front -wheel drive period, excitement period, and paralysis period, which is basically the same as the staging after the rabies. During the front -wheel drive period, rabies dogs can have a relatively panic performance. Both eyes look directly and erected with ears. Essence However, some dogs also have the situation where the owner is not identified and appears to be silent. During the excitement period, the rabies dogs will have a relatively mad manifestation, running around, and it is easier to bite people. When you see someone, you have a fierce desire to bite people. This is a typical period. After that, there is a paralysis period. During the paralysis period, the dog's muscles will suffer from suffering. First of all, the muscles of the throat will be affected, so the sound of the sound will be hoarse. If the muscles are affected, there will be a tail hanging or a tail. After that, the whole body muscles are affected. Dogs can be ill, cannot get up, cannot walk by themselves. Finally, they died because of the suffering of respiratory muscles. In these three periods, the front-drive and paralysis period generally lasts for 2 days, and the excitement period is generally 2-3 days. The total time will reach 6-8 days, but some dogs will be extended to about 10 days. Essence Some dogs will have a significant shortened during the excitement period, and the transition from the previous drive to the paralysis period will be called static type. wish you a happy life!n1 morenBleak

  4. The puppy does not carry rabies virus, as long as the immune rabies vaccine every year on time, don't worry about rabies. The antibody can be measured after three weeks of immunity, and the immunity has been ensured

  5. How to judge whether dogs have rabies, what symptoms of dogs have rabies

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