I heard that the puppy has a cold and drink Banlangen. How much should I drink? How many times a day?

5 thoughts on “I heard that the puppy has a cold and drink Banlangen. How much should I drink? How many times a day?”

  1. It is recommended not to feed Banlangen, because in a strict sense, Banlangen is only used to prevent colds. If you have a cold, it is recommended to take the commonly used cold particles, which is the kind of child. The yellow particles are sweet, and the scientific name is very around.
    The puppy is not recommended to feed antibiotics, etc., because the dog itself has resistance. If you have a small problem, you will feed expensive and effective drugs. The impact of badness means that in the future, you have to buy more expensive and more effective drugs than the previous. Just like people, if you infusion for the first time, you will not care about taking medicine in the future.
    It, feeding strong medicines will cause a serious burden on the dog's kidneys and cause other unnecessary hidden dangers.
    The dog feeding, in fact, when it is a child, how much it is for children to eat, it can be fed for so long.
    In more pay attention to drinking water and clean.
    I I wish the dog better sooner!

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  3. To clean your eyes and ears regularly, if the dog flows with tears, the food you eat is too salty, and the salt is secreted from the tear glands. , Blushing the eyes, you need to clean your eyes regularly. If you cry for a long time, it will also cause tears. It is recommended that you can use eye drops or erythromycin eye cream, antibacterial and anti -inflammatory

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