How to protect the dog’s teeth? How to do?

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  1. Those who really love dogs just like to be part of each stage of our puppy growth. From the moment it was born, until it grows up, there is no stage we are willing to miss. Just like raising your own children, raising dogs is a job that requires careful care. So how much do you know about dogs’ teeth care?
    Is what harm does dog teeth are unhealthy?
    does not care for teeth, and the surroundings of the teeth will cause bacteria to reproduce, and the damage will not only stay on the teeth! In severe cases, systemic diseases such as cardiac functional elimination, renal function, thrombosis and other systemic diseases will be developed. Although the effect of dog teeth is not chewing, losing the teeth will not cause the dog to be unable to eat. However, if possible, we still hope that dogs will always have 42 sound teeth.
    How to effectively prevent dog problems?
    Fitting dry dog ​​food
    Dried dog food can help keep the dog’s teeth clean. Generally speaking, when dogs chew dog grain particles, they can help it clean the plaque and tartar on the teeth. Clean your teeth regularly. If the ordinary pet toothbrush is too challenging, try to use your finger toothbrush. It is easier to operate like a small glove on the index finger like a small glove.
    This use of preventive foods and snacks
    S selection foods with special functions to assist dogs to clean their teeth, such as cleansing bones, bite glue, etc. When dogs are interested in these items, encourage more. Buying must be suitable for dogs.
    The regular cleaning of teeth
    Most dogs can relieve the degree of periodontal disease by cleaning their teeth by cleaning their teeth in pet hospitals. It is recommended that dogs clean once a year.
    Careful tooth Precautions
    Teremia Time: After half an hour in the morning, before going to bed at night. After eating dog food or other large amounts of food, try to guide dogs to drink water, which also helps clean food residues in the mouth. If you use drinking water basin to drink water, it is best not to put it in a room in the water basin and the food basin, let alone use the so -called “double pot” (a pot of dog food and a pot of drinking water). Because this may make the dog drink water during eating, or start drinking water immediately after eating, making drinking water easily “contaminated” by food. Do not add too much water at a time, add it frequently, and often clean the drinking basin.
    If the dog has not been cleaned and cared for for a long time, the Chinese doctor may communicate with the owner according to the dog’s teeth condition in the process of washing the teeth. Maybe the dogs are recommended to remove bad teeth that can be saved … Don’t be nervous, it’s normal, just to make the left tooth play better.

  2. How to protect the dog’s teeth, it seems that we cannot follow our human habits

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  3. In order to protect the dog’s teeth, you need to insist on brushing your dogs with a toothbrush and toothpaste every day. If you have calculus, you need to go to the hospital.

  4. Usually change the dog’s food appropriately, do not feed too much wet food. You can clean your bones to clean your mouth, and achieve the effect of cleaning through the collision of the mouth and the mouth of the oral cavity

  5. I think the way to protect dogs’ teeth is to make them not eat something very hard when eating. I think the best way is to choose something suitable for their teeth when choosing dog food. There are just don’t let them eat something that is not unclean outside and so on.

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