Can Teddy dogs consign in Shenzhen Airlines Pets

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  1. Teddy dogs can be checked in Shenzhen aviation pets.
    The preparations for pets for pets are as follows:
    1. Call the airline to make an appointment for pet positions in advance. This step is very important. Do not book positions in advance and take it directly to the airport. Oh.
    2. Prepare the quarantine procedures for pets.
    3. Prepare the aviation box or soft bag. The diapers should be placed in a dry object to prevent the dog from peeing or pulling up, and hang the kettle.
    4, 2 to 3 hours in advance to the airport, pay attention to it, you must be too late for waiting for a while.
    It is the operation!
    First of all, take the pet directly to the departure hall. Don't worry. Pets can enter the airport. You can take your pet bravely.
    Then find the airline counter, first consult which counter can be checked in the pet, and then go to the counter to handle it. The staff at the counter will help you get the net and take you to pack it. After packing, the cost of calculating the cost. After paying the fee, the pet is sent to the
    superb luggage. After this step, the editor will be Congratulations, you can board the plane smoothly at this time.

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