What are the genetic diseases of pet dogs?

3 thoughts on “What are the genetic diseases of pet dogs?”

  1. Pet dogs generally have bone disease, respiratory disease, congenital heart disease, brain nervous system disease, blood disease, etc.

  2. The introduction of some common dog breeds:
    Afghanistan hunting dog: cataract, hypoplasia of hip joint, poor elbow joint development, necrotic spinal disease Akita dog: cargo retinal atrophy, uterine skin syndrome, hip joint Development, knee problems, slow muscle, flatulence, hypertrophy, genetic fake hemophilia, anesthesia sensitive Alaska: hip development, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism, cancer, epilepsy, skin diseases American card dog: cataract, performed performed Sexual vision oments atrophic, glaucoma, poor hip development, elbow joint development, epilepsy, heart disease, hemophilia, ear infection, skin disease

  3. Eye disease, obesity, ear disease and gastrointestinal disease. Among them, gastrointestinal diseases are genetic diseases that are vulnerable to dogs. In order to prevent these genetic diseases, we need to pay attention to the hygiene of the dog and take the dog for examination on a regular basis.

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