Do you often take a bath for dogs? Why?

My family has a cute puppy, but because of living in the building, I often take a bath to keep it clean. But I heard that I often take a bath for the dogs, but I do n’t know why it is not good.

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  1. In fact, the dogs do n’t need to take a bath too hard. It is also done every 10 days or half a month. Because the surface of the dog’s skin is different from humans, the dog does not have a sweat glands. disease. Helping dogs to wash Peng Peng is a good way to enhance the feelings of dog owners and dogs! However, if you use the wrong method, your dog can hear “Come to take a bath …”, and immediately escape

    The steps of bathing here- “1 brush 2 push 3 and 4 rubs 5 rubbing 6 rubbing 6 “Blow” — Provide it for the original poster for reference:

    brushing hair
    before taking a bath, carefully brush the dog’s whole body, on the one hand On the one hand, it is to check the dog
    The skin disease or trauma.

    The water temperature is about 40 ° C is ideal. Let the dog adapt to the water temperature first, then from the feet and body to the head in order to humidify the whole body. Be careful of the dog
    ‘s ears into the water, and the sudden sound of water makes the dog frightened.

    The anal glands (puppies can not be used, or the owner can not get it)
    The purpose of putting the anus line to squeeze the residue of the anus to avoid stench. The method is to gently pinch the tail of the dog, use the index finger and the
    lightly press the sides of the anus, at this time the remaining things will be squeezed out. At the beginning, there may be a little difficulty, it is best to ask a veterinarian or a professional cosmetic professor.

    rubbing the washing agent
    In the bathing agent first, start with the shower agent from the back, from the back, neck, shoulders, waist, chest, feet, hips, tails, and tails, all of which Wash it carefully and massage the foam with your fingers.
    It is to be careful of the dog’s abdomen. The skin of the abdomen is soft but easy to dirty. You can try to clean it with sponges. Finally, the head of the dog was washing the dog. Many dogs
    may be afraid. The dog owner can call the dog’s name and use the sponge from the top of the head to the back to reduce the resistance. Finally, after washing the whole body,
    quickly rinse with water, and then carefully clean the dirty part. Do not let the bathing agent stay on the dog, which may cause dermatitis.
    It should be noted to avoid washing the water into the dog’s eyes. If the bath agent flows into the eyes, it should be rushed away with a large amount of water immediately and ordered the eye drops.

    It can be dried with the water first. Most of the dogs will dry their bodies on their own, and then the dog owner uses a large towel to dry the water with a pressed style, and then use r
    Models of drying and drying the hair can reduce the time to dry the drying time. At this time, the water of the ears, nose, and eyes should be dry.
    The area of ​​the ears and eyes wipes clean with a cotton stick, the ear canal can be dripped in the ear canal to make the dog refreshing and prevent otitis r
    to dry
    Blowing dry, this is a very necessary step, otherwise dogs are prone to hair balls or colds. When the hair near the face is hairy
    , the air volume should be lowered, and the dog should be left for about 10 cm to avoid being frightened, and do not blow the wind directly on the dog’s face. After blowing it completely, remember to comb the hair again.
    This hair can not only make the dog hair beautiful, but also promote blood circulation and metabolism, so that the dog is soft and shiny, flashing.

    D dry cleaning
    In addition to wet washing, you can also do dry washing for dogs. Dry cleaning is only suitable for less dirty dogs. The dry washing agent is a kind of powder. This powder can remove excess oil on the fur and make the color of the fur more vivid. Sprinkle the dry cleaning powder into the dog’s hair when used, and comb the comb with a comb. However, the method of dry cleaning is only suitable for dog breeds with short hair and more bottom hair.

  2. If it is a long -haired dog, it is best to take a bath after 3 months. Because the scales and nutrients on the hair will be washed off. If it is not long -haired watching the dog, there is no problem when taking a bath, but be sure to keep warm, do not feed before bathing!

  3. There should be no problem
    In bathing when bathing, do not catch a cold after bathing
    often bathing for pets is cleaned
    Both with pets

  4. I have once a week, blow or dry it immediately after washing. No problem. If the puppy is not too dirty, I don’t go to bed, it is better once a week

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